18 October 2011

The Holiday

Graham: Well, I cry all the time.
Amanda: You do not.
Graham: Yeah I do. More than any woman you've ever met.
Amanda: You don't have to be this nice.
Graham: It happens to be the truth.
Amanda: Really?
Graham: A good book, a great film, a birthday card, I weep.
Amanda: Shut up.
Graham: I'm a major weeper.

I've been having multiple "Graham moments." The whole leaving concept has started to sink in big time. My husband got his official transfer orders last week and I cried my eyeballs out. Don't get me wrong...I was elated over the fact that we FINALLY got the papers, so now I can start processing my Visa (once my no-fee passport comes in), but it also meant that we are leaving for real. This isn't a short vacation. It's three years.

Of course I have the opportunity to come home whenever I want. But I'm trying to reconcile myself to the fact that I won't be coming home during those three years. I don't want to waste money traveling to the US when my husband and I could use those $$$$...$$$ to experience and travel throughout Europe.

But back to the Graham moments. I was trying to put together my Christmas budget I as begin to plan and scope out deals for the few presents that I'll be buying. As I thought about presents for my mom, I started to tear up. I'm going to miss Mom tanto.

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