28 February 2012


Unfortunately, one of the norms here in Italy is seeing my hubby off for training in other parts of Europe and such. I absolutely hate being apart from my hubby even if it is only for a few weeks at a time.

According to the veterans of military wives and one of my sisters, projects (and lots of them) are my biggest key to staying sane! So I’m racking up a list. On my list is “start volunteering for the American Red Cross.” I love that I’ll be able to volunteer as many days as I want and pretty much set my own hours…as they take anything they can get.

With my non-clinical healthcare background, I’m slated to work in the clinic. Can’t wait! So what did this silly girl do in preparation? I ordered a pair of pants just for the occasion! Of course I’ll have to buy a few more (none of my dress pants fit at the moment), but one pair will get me through till we visit home and I can shop in real stores. I’ve never ordered pants online so this was a scary first.

Now I’d better scoot off here and start completing all my online orientation classes.

27 February 2012

Beautiful Day

What?! It's February and 55 degrees outside???!!! Either the weather is teasing us with spring, or we have some warm weather coming our way! I'm in shorts, tank top, flipflops, and have the house opened up. We are looking forward to our grill being delivered tomorrow. Right now my taste buds can't stand most meats, but I do love me some hotdogs and bratwursts!

26 February 2012

13 Weeks - Prego Update

We've made it to 13 weeks. Yeah!!!!!!!! Bambino is the size of a peach now.

Other great news, we've picked out a baby bed. I'm so happy! Finding something EXACTLY like I wanted that also ships to us took some time. But I finally found the perfect one. Now for the dresser, rocking chair, swing and highchair.

One more thing, if we can't get the docs to allow us to complete the baby gender ultrasound before blockleave, we are going to pay out of pocket and schedule our own back in the States when we come visit!

It will make things so much easier to complete all the baby registry stuff if I know the sex of this little bambino. Our main things will stay gender neutral, but I would like to have a few girl/boy specific decorations.

25 February 2012

Sunny Day

Today we had beautiful semi-warm weather outside with sunny skies and we took advantage of it by going to the outdoor place by our apartment. It's sort of like a mini HomeDepot. We bought dirt and I planted some of my veggie seeds in egg cartons to get them started!

We also bought tarp, garden border, and lots of mulch to make a "crap" spot for Baylo (and Jack when he gets here). Hopefully it won't take too long for Baylo to learn to go there. It will be so much easier to just open up one of the doors, than to walk up and down three flights of stairs.

Also opened up all the doors (every rooms has floor to ceiling doors instead of windows) and aired out the house. I'm ready for spring to come!

24 February 2012

Daily Crave

One of the fun things about pregnancy is that one day I LOVE LOVE LOVE something, and the next day I can't stand the thought of it. Today my vices have been toast, jello and the most amazing tea of all, Republic of Tea, Strawberry Chocolate flavor. I don't think I can buy it here on base in Italy, but thankfully I have plenty of it and I'm sure if I crave it much longer, I can always find someplace to order from.

Another favorite that I don't currently have but it is to die for is the Red Velvet Chocolate flavor. You have to try it if you love chocolate!

22 February 2012


Apparently I'm going to have alot of time on my hands, at least until the little bambino comes. Of course I can volunteer through the Red Cross (and they are very excited about having me!), but that doesn't start until mid March and after I finish the all orientation steps.

I didn't get the health promotion officer job here on base. The boss was gracious enough to call me and explain why I didn't get it. Someone else interviewed that was PERFECT for the spot and they couldn't pass that up. It makes sense and I'm happy that things worked out for that position. Still a little sad that I didn't get the spot though.

I always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom, but I didn't know how hard it would be. At least being a stay-at-home wife at this point, and in a foreign country. I feel like a prisoner. Of course it's not really the case as hubby says I can go home to the states anytime I want, but it just wouldn't be the same. Not without him and our own place at least.

Friends say this is all called culture shock. I hope this horrible-ness doesn't last too long!

20 February 2012

First Trimester - Prego Update

I've made it 12 weeks! SOOOOOOOOO happy that the first trimester is over. Now my body just needs to figure out that I'm suppose to be gaining weight (not losing), have more energy, and no more nausea. We'll see if it gets the message.

Did you know that this little alien/bambino is about 2 inches long and the size of a lime? Well now you know.

When I feel like it, I'll take my first baby bump picture and plan on posting a new one about once a week from this point forward. So far, I don't think it really looks like a bump. I feel like I'm rockin a beer belly, figuratively speaking.

Warning: Ranting is below.
I'm having a really hard time with Italy. Yes, I said it. I am starting to hate this place.

Everything feels backwards. Everything stinks. We have to keep Scentsy's on all day in the bathroom because the sewer smell comes up through the toilet. We are only allowed one tiny trash can a week. Everything else has to get recycled which means we have four other trash cans or piles of cans/bottles/paper products everywhere. I don't bother to go out shopping because I don't know what I'm even looking at...unless I shop at the tiny store on base. Everything is closed from 11am - 3pm. Traffic sucks. Drivers are rude. I get honked at a couple of times a trip because I'm driving around the speed limit...and Italians never drive the speed limit.

I'm stuck wearing sweatpants and tank tops because the short supply of maternity clothes on base are ugly or only come in XL. I can't seem to find even one maternity store at the malls. And I'm a little nervous to try and buy online since I keep losing weight.

The ONE other family in this complex can't seem to shut the main door no matter how many signs are posted, and I'm worried about break-ins. Gypsies are a big deal around here. We are going to have to park our car in the underground garage soon because they'll break into the car looking for valuables.

I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss fast food (don't care if it's bad for me...I miss it!). I miss being able to watch my favorite tv shows. I miss Walgreens and Target.
Getting off my sob box now...

Switzerland and France

This past Friday we traveled throughout Switzerland and France, specifically Basel, Colmar, Strasbourg, Nancy, and Lucerne. Boy am I wipped out today though!

I've decided that traveling, especially trips with extensive walking tours (in the freezing cold), and pregnancy just don't mix. But we persevered through it and overall it was a pretty good trip.

My favorite place was Strasbourg. There was am amazing cathedral that we got to walk thru, cool shops, and the people smelled and looked nice! No stinky Italian men in Strasbourg!

16 February 2012

Red Cross Update

I should have been more specific when I said I was hoping for an interview for the Red Cross job. I got the interview call, but the job is only temporary, a fill-in for someone going on leave. Since I'd be on maternity leave during a good portion of that time, it just didn't work out.


Guess I'll go back to the laundry and dishes.

14 February 2012


This year, valentine's day went a little differently...and it was perfect! Hubby bought me presents a few weeks ago and I got to open them when they came in. And same for his. It's a bummer that customs requires all contents be written on the box, so Hubby knew what he was getting before he even opened the it.

We had a home dinner of steak, box mashed potatoes, canned greenbeans, and hotdog bun modified garlic bread. I can't stand the taste of most meats right now so I stuck with the potatoes, beans and bread.

Now I'm watching wonderful AFN (pure sarcasm there...) while Hubby is doing homework.

Just another glamorous day in Italy.

13 February 2012

Baby Things

Looking for important baby items such as a crib, stroller, highchair...etc. is a bit overwhelming. I plan on waiting till I visit home to go shopping with sisters and Mom before I pick out the big items.

But...I am going to start a list of baby toys and books and I would love your input! I'm looking for things between 3 months - 2 years.

Hallmark recordable storybooks
Baby Einstein toys, books and dvd's
LEGO Duplo
Foam puzzle play mat
Dr. Seuss books
little tikes

11 February 2012

We Have A Theme!

Nursery theme has been picked out! It's been decided (thanks to hubby's sis) that the nursery is going to be beach/ocean inspired. I'm happy because I LOVE the beach, and hubby is thrilled that his sand turtle from Disney World has a "home" now.
Pinterest has been my latest time hogger and I've been finding all kinds of cool ideas to inspire us as we start to plan and prepare. Hubby's goal is to have all the main stuff in place by the time he deploys (who knows when).
For all those that are wondering about where we are going to register for baby things, that won't go out until we know the sex of this little bambino which happens the end of April.

10 February 2012

Great Day in Italy!

Today I had an interview for an AMAZING job here in Italy on base. It went so well (in my opinion) and I couldn't feel happier or more confident. It will be two weeks before I know if I'm offered the job or not.
Yesterday was a huge low. But today helped by turning out to be so great! The best part about these good days is that I get to share the joy with you! I love sharing happiness with you...even if it is just thru the internet.
After the interview, hubby bought me lunch at the bowling alley. (It's the most popular place for lunch on base.) Maybe I'm still in newlywed "puppy love," but I can't help but be so proud to be out with my husband. It doesn't hurt that he is the handsomest of all the other boys in uniform!
Happy Friday to all.

09 February 2012

Italian Hospital Experience

Today I had to visit the Italian hospital here near Vicenza to see a specialist. I expected something different, even difficult, but I never expected a day from hell. And that is to put it nicely.

I spent 45 minutes trying to find parking around the entire hospital. I called the patient liaison
three times asking them where to park and where to go. Side note: I had to circle the little town three times because of all the one-way streets exiting the parking lots. I called my poor hubby sobbing and ended up yelling at him. I didn't mean to!

Finally, after the third call to the patient liaison and explaining all the illegal parking that
was going on (people were that desperate), I was finally directed to a grocery store lot, down the street, thru a round-about, down another street, past the hospital. I showed up to my appointment about 20 mins late. I was somewhat remorseful...but mostly mad.

The patient liaison walks to me the doctor's office which is in an alley way, and into a closed
office. For the next half hour I sat and listened to the doctor and patient liaison talk back and forth, asking me very few yes/no questions. I wondered why I was even there. They seemed to have a pretty good conversation about who-knows-what without me.

After the appointment I waited another 20 minutes for the patient liaison to write up the notes,
walked back to my car about 1/2 mile away, and drove back to the base (getting lost on the way back).

Then I really cried.

Now we are back in the apartment watching an old show called Roseanne, and song just came on "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

I should have balls of steel by the time this three years is up.

07 February 2012

Latest Cravings

Fettuccine has been my lastest craving...along with wishing I could shop at HomeGoods. Don't ask me why the two are combined. Maybe cute cookware to go along with wonderful food?

Here is my homemade recipe of Fettuccine for 2:
6-8 oz. fettuccine
3 strips bacon
3 boneless chicken breasts
3 T. marg or butter
3 T. flour
1/2 t. garlic powder
1/4 c parmesan (can use more - it's all I had)
dash of basil
couple dashes of parsley
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. pepper
3/4 c. frozen peas

Very yummy and very creamy!

03 February 2012

Learning to Adjust

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound and the little one was so cute! I'm ten weeks along today and will start taking weekly baby bump pictures at twelve weeks.
Not really sure why, but I've always thought this little one is a boy. So until we find out for sure what the sex is, sometime in April, I'm going to be calling this baby "Jr." During the ultrasound he was flailing his little fists around and kicking vigouriously. Looks like I will have a little energizer bunny on my hands.
Our new dog, Baylo, is such a sweetheart. For being less than a year old, Baylo is very laid back and I love spending time with him. I don't feel as crazy talking out loud to myself when Baylo is around!
Living in a foreign country is quite an adventure and traveling throughout Europe is a blast! But, the day-to-day life can be frustrating and all the new things thrown at me are a bit overwhelming. It isn't easy being pregnant for the first time on top of being away from everything and everyone I know, living in a different time zone (my body still hasn't adjusted fully), and facing a deployment in the future.
It all sounds horrible when thrown together like that, but it's not THAT bad. My morning sickness is getting better. I have more energy to go out and do things now. Not having a job just yet has allowed me to rest when I'm tired, and organize the apartment a little each day. I have a beautiful and BIG apartment with more amenities than I ever expected. I have a job interview coming up (and it's for a GREAT position). I have a mountain view from nearly every window of the apartment!!!! AND best of all, I have a wonderful husband that is adjusting and adapting like a champ to all my crazy hormonal changes.
Come to think of it...I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
Thank you for all the wonderul congratulatory phone calls, emails, and FB posts after Jr's first ultrasound. It's always great hearing from you all!
By the way, any cool plans for Super Bowl? It doesn't come on until about 1am on Monday morning here, and since it's not the Rams playing, we probably won't be watching it. Who are you cheering for?