29 June 2012

Day 14

2 weeks.  Hubby and I have officially made it 2 whole weeks being miles apart from each other.  Mind you, I would never wish this long "apartness" on anyone, but I keep reminding myself that it's for one very good and worthwhile reason, Baby-A. 

Today my mom and father-in-law went and test drove an SUV with me.  Hubby called multiple times to ensure we were negotiating a good deal and getting a dependable and safe vehicle for me and Baby-A.  I'm such a lucky girl to have such an amazing husband and family helping me with this car thing! 

Now that I'm so close to 31 weeks, it's nice having a single-digit countdown to the arrival of Baby-A.  The weekly updates that automatically come to my phone said that I should expect to feel less movement from Baby-A from this point forward.  I laughed when I read that and thought, "Yeah right...that won't be the case with our baby." 

Mom thinks I feel the kicks and pokes to the degree that I do because I'm so "tight."  Laugh if you want, but it was the best compliment I've heard all week!  All I see of myself are fat arms, fat hands, fat legs, fat feet, fat face, etc....but Mom think's I look tight?!?!  Oh yeah!  Of course she means my belly is tight...but I'll take it. 

28 June 2012

Hubby and Baby-A

I played Hubby and Baby-A's favorite song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Kaulana Kanekoa & Vince Esquire today while getting ready to go out car shopping.
This song was a favorite of hubby's and I enjoy it playing it as well.  One afternoon in Italy while I was loudly playing this song on my iphone, Baby-A started dancing in my belly. 

Now everytime this song is played aloud, Baby-A dances along in my belly.  I say "dances" because she isn't kicking or punching me hard like she usually does.  It's just little movements she makes to the beat of the music, and when the song is over...she continues with her normal painful jabs, pokes and kicks.

I can't wait for the recorded storybook by Hubby to come in the mail.  I'm going to prop it up next to my belly so Baby-A can hear her daddy's voice and hopefully this will calm her down like his voice always did back in Italy. 

Our baby girl LOVES her daddy. 

26 June 2012

Day 12

The morning consisted of part-time job searching, trying to call and apply for an auto loan, doing laundry, and packing my stuff and cleaning up sister's place as they are coming home early.
Mom has been working hard on researching what the best strollers and bottles are, as well as good prices on diapers. 

Mid morning we took Buddy for a long walk, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool before heading back and throwing everything in the car to go to Mom's temporary home.   

I did so good all day, with only one VERY short Florida rains moment because I was stressing out trying to find a car and the car dealer on the phone was extreemly rude.

And then I did one very stupid thing...and my calm and collected self fell apart.  I was climbing into bed and getting comfortable under the covers, when for some unknown and irrational reason, I started to roll over to hubby's usual side of the bed like I always did back in Italy to give him a kiss goodnight.  It wasn't like I thought he was there with me.  But whatever the case, I lost it and stuffed my face in my pillow and let the tears flow.

Of course I soon came to the realization that if I really was in Italy with hubby, it would have been 4am in the morning and if I was awake at such an ungodly hour, it probably would be because hubby farted and stunk up the room.  I started thinking about all the times I would wake up and have to spray fabreeze because of my oh-so-endearing husband...and it made me laugh. 

And then I fell sleep.  =o)

Day 11

Breakfast of champions
Nachos for dinner with Cardinals chips
Doing my nails with pink sparkles
Day 11 back in the states.  I miss Hubby so much that at times it feels like it was forever and not just 11 days ago when I was standing there at the airport, with my face in hubby's chest crying my eyeballs out.

So far hubby and I have been able to talk on the phone or facetime daily, which really helps...and family has been doing AMAZING keeping me busy and letting me have my "Florida rains" when needed.

Today I had an appointment with my new PCP (primary care provider) to get a referal for my new OB.  Turns out my new PCP worked in Landstuhl way back when.  Landstuhl is about 16 hours away from Vicenza, but it's where any complicated medical cases go for care.  Any who, appointment went great, and I found out that my PCP can also be Baby-A's "pediatrician!"  One more thing to check off the to-do list!

Afterwards, Mom and I went shopping for a gold chain so I can wear my wedding rings around my neck.  My hands were getting too swollen to keep wearing them during this last trimester.  It was heartbreaking to have to remove them but I'm rocking a nice ring tan line.

Tonight we are going to watch re-runs of Royal Pains.  All of the crazy Hampton peeps crack me up! 

25 June 2012

Little bit of this and that

Buddy enjoying the ride
Was in Florida last week for my sister's wedding.  It was the perfect vacation and beach wedding.  I missed my hubby who wasn't able to come, but it was still an awesome time. 

Now Mom and I are dog sitting my sister's dog Buddy.  When we took him for a walk this morning, I thought both Mom and Buddy were going to kick my butt on the hills, but near the end of the walk, all three of us were pretty tired and sweaty.  It was a good workout!

This afternoon, I was able to talk Mom into going to the pool with me.  Baby-A and I LOVE water.  The only time I can relax without Baby-A kicking the crap out of me is when my whale of a belly is completely submerged in water.

(Hubby - you'll get a chuckle out of this.) Background for all you non-military folks, when shopping on a base/post, you have to show your ID before the cashier will begin ringing out your items.  Yesterday, while shopping for groceries here in the states and NOT on a military base or post, I pulled out my ID and started to show it to the cashier before realizing that it wasn't needed.  Apparently, reaching for my ID has become a habit, since the only place we shopped in Italy was on base...unless you include our favorite winery!

12 June 2012


We all know the silly little labels on the back of our shampoo and soap bottles that give instructions on how to get clean.  Well...if my day was a shampoo bottle, it would read something like this: pack a few things...cry...blow my nose...wash my face...repeat.

To put it in as few words as possible, I'm a basket case.  And when I couldn't get my tears to stop falling after a few minutes, I decided to get online and read a few of my favorite blogs.  They always have a tendency of cheering me up.

One of the posts were about baking, and candles.  I started thinking about how much I look forward to shopping and baking once back in the states.  Hubby doesn't like sweet things and since that seems to be all that I crave lately, it will be soooo nice to be able to cook and back and have others around to help me eat the goodies!

I'm also looking forward to buying a few nice candle holders.  The PX has nothing here and I'm stuck using shot glasses and dishes to light my candles in.

Maybe with these positive two thoughts in my head, I can get through the next half hour!

11 June 2012

28 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 28 weeks and 2 days (Third trimester!!!!!!!!)

How big is Baby-A: Weighs about 2 and 1/4 pounds.

Total weight gain: 150 lbs.  Total prego weight gain of 13 lbs at this point.  

Sleep: I've resorted to benadryl when needed to get some sleep.  

Best moment of the week: Hubby was looking at pictures from our vacation in Hawaii from three years ago, and he pointed out that I was currently wearing the same shorts from the picture.  How I love my hubby!!!  He sure knows how to lift the spirit of his bloated/fat feeling prego wife.  

Food cravings: ANYTHING chocolate.

Nausea - Pretty much gone this week.  Yeah!

Hunger - Hungry all the time.  I eat more than hubby!  It's kind of scary.      

Heartburn - Whew...it's getting rough.

Nosebleeds - Calming down...but it's been really humid here with the rain so that might be helping.

Chest Pain - The midwife said it's just muscular but boy does it hurt.  Laying flat on my back helps to relieve the pain, but since that is discouraged in the 3rd trimester, I shove a little pillow under one side so I'm not interfering with the flow of blood and nutrients to Baby-A.

Braxton Hicks - Mostly when I'm moving around or doing something like dishes.  Once I hit full term at 37 weeks, I'm thinking about going around to everyone's house to do dishes just to kickstart my labor.

Clothes: most of my normal clothes don't fit and a few of my prego clothes got stained with ink when I washed Hubby's uniforms and didn't see the pen in one of the pockets.  Boo. 

Exercise: Walking mostly and doing a few "active" things like organizing the apartment and cleaning.

Movement: I'm starting to come to the conclusion that Baby-A kicks and moves just to get attention from her daddy.  Once Hubby puts his hand on my belly, she calms down.  It's the funniest thing. 

10 June 2012

PCS Italy - 6 Month Mark

It's here...we've finally reached the 6 month mark of living in Italy!  Whoopee.

Everyone said it would take about 6 months to adjust (it's my first PCS ANYWHERE so is this true of other places?).

Guess what...I still don't like this place.  I've gotten to the point where I just shrug my shoulders at everything and say "only in Italy."

Whenever other wives ask me how I like it here, I just smile and tell them it's not my thing.  If they are one of those happy-go-lucky "I LOVE ITALY" peeps, then all the more to them.

I only peel paint if I start to get lectured about what my problem is about not liking this place.  Believe me, I've heard it all.

You have to embrace where you are.
You are going to be miserable for the next few years if you don't learn to like it here.
You should realize there are people out there that would die for the opportunity you have.

You aren't going to tell a someone that doesn't enjoy the taste of chocolate that there are wrong, that there are starving children in India that would die for such a treat, or that they just aren't "embracing" the taste enough.

Sound pretty silly, doesn't it.  

This goes for everything in life INCLUDING Italy.  In the end, it's not wrong to like or dislike something.  I just so happen to dislike where we are living for the next few years.

07 June 2012


Today was my splurge day.  It started off with a rough night (sleeping off and on), so I stayed in bed after hubby left for work and continued to drift in and out of sleep for the next two hours.  I would like to say that it felt WONDERFUL, but since I felt so crappy...it just felt good knowing I could stay in bed without feeling guilty about work, kids, or anything else.

After playing on my phone (reading emails and blogs), I finally decided to get up and do something productive around noon.  Yep...noon!

I cleaned off the couch, took out some frozen spaghetti sauce to start thawing for an easy dinner tonight, threw in a load of laundry, and picked up hubby's trail of dirty laundry.

Then it was back to more splurge time...playing on the computer while sitting on my pink exercise ball and drinking hot chocolate with a little coffee.  Since it was technically lunch time, the already made buffalo chicken dip with chips was so tasty with my 2nd cup of hot chocolate/coffee.  The perfect recipe for major heartburn...but I didn't care.

Speaking of heartburn, I can now add chest pain to my list of prego fun.  Midwife says it's the muscles acting up and to apply heat when needed.  But we failed to take into account the lack of "rib/chest accessibility" and being able to apply heat to the hurting area.  We are all adults here so don't freak out and say this is TMI....I can't get to front of my ribs because of two ginormous prego boobs in the way!  So I get to enjoy even more excruciating pain until Baby-A is born.

Baby-A had better be an angel/genius with all the trouble she has been giving me.  I'm just saying.

But on to another subject, I found another cool blog after trying to figure out what my mom meant by her reference to June Cleaver yesterday.  Anyway, blog is June Cleaver in yoga pants...how awesome is the title?!  The blogger is the cutest little mom (wears dreads, but not the hippy type) with three little kiddies and a cool hubby/dad.  My favorite thing about this blog is that she - Sara - communicates as a REAL HUMAN with REAL HUMAN THOUGHTS.  No super mom crap with perfection oozing from her core.

One of Sara's older posts dedicated to two of her friends that were about-to-be mama's was especially helpful.  To all you new and veteran mom's out there...you'll like it too.

Laundry is done washing so I'm gonna quick yaking for today and go switch loads.  Laters peepers.