10 June 2012

PCS Italy - 6 Month Mark

It's here...we've finally reached the 6 month mark of living in Italy!  Whoopee.

Everyone said it would take about 6 months to adjust (it's my first PCS ANYWHERE so is this true of other places?).

Guess what...I still don't like this place.  I've gotten to the point where I just shrug my shoulders at everything and say "only in Italy."

Whenever other wives ask me how I like it here, I just smile and tell them it's not my thing.  If they are one of those happy-go-lucky "I LOVE ITALY" peeps, then all the more to them.

I only peel paint if I start to get lectured about what my problem is about not liking this place.  Believe me, I've heard it all.

You have to embrace where you are.
You are going to be miserable for the next few years if you don't learn to like it here.
You should realize there are people out there that would die for the opportunity you have.

You aren't going to tell a someone that doesn't enjoy the taste of chocolate that there are wrong, that there are starving children in India that would die for such a treat, or that they just aren't "embracing" the taste enough.

Sound pretty silly, doesn't it.  

This goes for everything in life INCLUDING Italy.  In the end, it's not wrong to like or dislike something.  I just so happen to dislike where we are living for the next few years.

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