30 April 2012

At Arms

Exercised again today.  Arms are always more fun cause I can do them while watching TV.  I am determined to have toned arms for my sister's wedding.  I can't really control the rest of my body as my belly keeps growing and there is always that fear of the dreaded swollen cankles, but I've never heard of anyone's arms blowing up to large proportions during pregnancy...so I'm doing all I can to have at least one part of my body looking good.  Arms it is!

One of the fun things about PHN pain is that the more movement and action there is on my part...the greater the pain both during and afterwards.  But it's a good gage to let me know that I worked out.  I don't even have to wait for the workout burn...I can always trust good ol' PHN to be there.

Started doing something productive with my afternoon by folding laundry, but I only got about one load done before the couch started calling my name.  Actually...my back and belly were calling for the couch.

I keep telling hubby that my belly feels like it could literally explode, with guts and baby flying everywhere.  Maybe I should carry around a net to catch everything if it does...

Tomorrow I'm going to make a go at the laundry again.  =o)

29 April 2012

Lots of Everything

Wonder what happens in a "Day in the Life of Crazy Me?" 

Took hubby to "work" early this morning.  I miss him already. 

Planted a few onions for hubby in the planter boxes he brought up yesterday. 

Did some more organizing and cleaning in the baby's room.  I'm not taking any before pictures...it was that messy.  Made four trips to the car with all the junk that needed to be gotten rid of (my stuff mostly).

Went to base to drop off the junk at the thrift store.  Thrift store drop-off shed was closed and I got all flustered wondering what to do with a car of FULL of junk. 

Got pulled over by the (US-thank goodness) MP's when I failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  The guy was gracious enough to only give me a warning - no ticket.  Yeah!  Note to self: don't drive when flustered.  

Dumped all the junk off at a dumping station on base.  I hated throwing all the stuff away as a lot of it was still usable.  Oh well. 

Saw the latest movie "The Lucky One" staring Zac Efron and Taylor Shilling.  It was amazing!  I only got teary-eyed twice. 

Now I'm exhausted and a little nauseous from Baby-A kicking so much.  But I am grateful that she was pretty calm last night and let me get some sleep for once.  

What to do now?  Maybe eat some chocolate ice-cream and watch US cable tv.  I'm in LOVE with Slingbox! 

25 April 2012

2012 WordCount Blogathon

I decided to sign up for something called the 2012 WordCount Blogathon that starts May 1st.  Rules are you have to post a blog at least once a day for an entire month. 

I may not have the most ingenious of posts, but I hope to keep up with it and post something everyday! 

On a different subject, I volunteered again today.  While I still don't have computer access (last week the guy didn't feel like doing it and this week I show up only to find out I didn't have all the necessary documents), I was still able to help format a newsletter and even compile a spreadsheet for a compliance issue.  It was fun doing real work for once.

Another side note: Little Baby A punched and kicked at my insides for FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT last night from 8pm to 1am.  I was in tears and tried everything I could think of to calm her down or at least make myself comfortable so I could go to sleep.  An no - I had not had one drop of caffeine (not even one snid-bit chocolate!).  Any advice on what to do next time would be much appreciated. 

24 April 2012


Cravings have been hitting me full force now that nausea isn't that bad...although I still have many "smell-gag" moments.  (Yeah pregnancy.)

Today my cravings include biscuits, pancakes, and cake!  But I'm also the only person in this house that eats those things.  So how did I fulfill my cravings, not cook three things, and still get to eat them all?!?!

I made biscuits out of cake and pancake mix.  No joke.  I mixed 2 parts pancake mix, 1 part cake mix, added a few dashes of baking powder, and then mixed in enough water to make the dough gooey enough for drop biscuits. 

My crazy concoction turned out AMAZINGLY.  I just ate two of my biscuit-pan-cakes and am trying very hard to keep from eating the other two.  Maybe...after I work out? 

17 April 2012


Whenever I heard the term "nesting," I just thought people were crazy. Well...now I've joined that crazy lot. The hard part for me is figuring out how to outfit a temporary nursery back in the States and the baby's room here in Italy.

Thanks to Pinterest, I've had fun "pinning" all kinds of DIY ideas so even though I can't really do much here in Italy, at least I can have some fun coming up with baby room ideas and such. I turn into a real crazy nesting prego when I'm back in the States for the two months before baby is born, trying to get the temporary nursery together.

Speaking of which, I can't help but get all sad when I realize how short of I time I have here with hubby. I keep telling myself that going home for the baby IS the BEST decision, but it doesn't make leaving the #1 love-of my-life any easier.

If you think of us, pray I don't become a complete emotional puddle during this time and can actually enjoy every minute I have with hubby.

Oh yeah - 20 weeks down in this pregnancy! Only 20 more to go!!!!

04 April 2012

Thank YOU

To all my family and friends - just wanted to give a shout out and tell you how much I have appreciated your support and help with being a newlywed, prego, and this PCS to Italy.

Even if we are miles and countries apart, it all means ALOT!

Every little email, FB note, and phone call really brightens my day.

Thank you!