17 April 2012


Whenever I heard the term "nesting," I just thought people were crazy. Well...now I've joined that crazy lot. The hard part for me is figuring out how to outfit a temporary nursery back in the States and the baby's room here in Italy.

Thanks to Pinterest, I've had fun "pinning" all kinds of DIY ideas so even though I can't really do much here in Italy, at least I can have some fun coming up with baby room ideas and such. I turn into a real crazy nesting prego when I'm back in the States for the two months before baby is born, trying to get the temporary nursery together.

Speaking of which, I can't help but get all sad when I realize how short of I time I have here with hubby. I keep telling myself that going home for the baby IS the BEST decision, but it doesn't make leaving the #1 love-of my-life any easier.

If you think of us, pray I don't become a complete emotional puddle during this time and can actually enjoy every minute I have with hubby.

Oh yeah - 20 weeks down in this pregnancy! Only 20 more to go!!!!

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