24 April 2012


Cravings have been hitting me full force now that nausea isn't that bad...although I still have many "smell-gag" moments.  (Yeah pregnancy.)

Today my cravings include biscuits, pancakes, and cake!  But I'm also the only person in this house that eats those things.  So how did I fulfill my cravings, not cook three things, and still get to eat them all?!?!

I made biscuits out of cake and pancake mix.  No joke.  I mixed 2 parts pancake mix, 1 part cake mix, added a few dashes of baking powder, and then mixed in enough water to make the dough gooey enough for drop biscuits. 

My crazy concoction turned out AMAZINGLY.  I just ate two of my biscuit-pan-cakes and am trying very hard to keep from eating the other two.  Maybe...after I work out? 

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