25 August 2012

Day 72

Feeling great physically today!

Been doing lots of stair climbing, drinking TONS of water and red raspberry tea, and relaxing.

Missing hubby a lot more lately. I thought I was doing so good, but it seems the hormones still have my emotions high jacked and I can't help but have a few Florida rain moments sometimes.

I've been occupying my brain by reading up on all the helpful tips for labor and delivery. Some moments I wish the whole L&D thing was over and done with...but more often than not, I'm content with not having Baby-A yet. Maybe it's fear over having my body torn in two and the postpartum recovery. Or maybe it's my complete lack of patience and that a non-stop crying baby will literally send me packing and running for the hills!

Oh well. Can't turn back now.

19 August 2012

38 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along:
38 weeks and 0 days.

How big is Baby-A: Nearly 7 lbs and 20 inches long (according to all the baby websites).

Total weight gain: At 167 lbs for a total weight gain of 30 lbs so far. Yikes.  At least I know from past experience that the weight will come off fast once I can get back into working out again after Baby-A is born.

Sleep: I sleep however and whenever I can.  Most nights include about three showers to deal with the pelvic and back pain before I can finally fall asleep.

Best moment of the week: Talking with hubby on Facetime.  I miss him sooooo much.  Also went to a kids resale thing out in St. Charles with my Mom and sis and got a TON of baby/toddler clothing.  Had a great time!

Food cravings: Chocolate and Greek yogurt.

Symptoms: "Practice" aka false labor, back aches, breathlessness, overall LARGE feeling, waddling, pelvic pressure and pain, tingling hands, headaches, and itchy belly.

Exercise: I bike when i feel like it just to keep my legs moving (when my feet hurt and I don't feel like walking).

Movement: Major movement at night. 

15 August 2012

Day 63

Last night I dreamt that I went into labor, and woke up with some contractions!  But then I fell back asleep. 

Brother's dog, named Teddy, is now living here and has become my shadow and near constant sleeping (bed hogging) buddy.  I tried to keep my door closed and let him whine it out, but MY lack of sleep from all of this whining and scratching at my door finally caused me to cave in and I let him sleep in my room now. 

Goal today is to drink a LARGE glass of water an hour (and turn into a fish!), do my nails, and get on the stationary bike for 90 minutes. 

Had a great doctor's appointment yesterday.  Baby's heartbeat was in the high 150's, and everything was spot on perfect.  She is very low in my pelvis and while it hurts bad, I know this is a good thing.  Now that I'm 37 weeks, it's all a waiting game from this point forward.

11 August 2012

Day 58

Today was a good day. 

Got to spend the morning/afternoon with my Mom.  Went to Scott Airforce Base to see if they had a diaper bag I wanted (they didn't).  Cleaned the bathroom floor.  Hung up some window blinds.  Went to a girlfriend's party...

And then the busy part of the day ends and I'm climbing into an empty bed...

I get so sad.  Not even Baby-A.'s kicks, or my usual favorite (a long hot shower) can cheer me up.  I miss my husband and I'm terrified to go through this whole labor and delivery thing without him.  I feel overwhelmingly guilty that I/we chose for me to come back to the states to have Baby-A because there is a 99.999999% chance that hubby won't make it in time for the birth of his baby. 

The other night, I had contractions 5 minutes apart for 4 hours, before they finally stalled out.  I didn't even call the doctor.  I was in denial.  I wasn't ready to go through with this. 

Decisions look so much easier on paper than they feel like in real life.

But come to think of it, I should be proud of myself for having made any decision at all back then, being such a hormonal-crazed prego that I was/am! =0)

08 August 2012

36 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 36 weeks and 4 days.

How big is Baby-A: 6 lbs and 20 inches long (according to all the baby websites).

Total weight gain: At 163 lbs for a total weight gain of 26 lbs so far. 

Sleep: Not so much.  False labor has been stealing my precious zzzz's!

Best moment of the week: Probably today with the quick OB appointment.

Food cravings: Chocolate and cream of wheat...not together of course.

Symptoms: "Practice" aka false labor, exhaustion, heartburn, nausea, some very slight swelling of my feet, back aches, vision changes, breathlessness, overall LARGE feeling, waddling, increased pelvic pressure,and itchy belly.

Exercise: Been trying to get on the stationary bike for an hour each day to build of my endurance for labor, and usually cover 15 miles going at a very comfortable pace.

Movement: If Baby-A was a NORMAL baby, her movements would have decreased by now.  But since she has part of my genes in her...and we all know how un-normal I am, Baby-A's movements have only increased and gotten stronger.  I keep telling her that she can't claw her way out through my belly button.  It's just not the way out!