15 August 2012

Day 63

Last night I dreamt that I went into labor, and woke up with some contractions!  But then I fell back asleep. 

Brother's dog, named Teddy, is now living here and has become my shadow and near constant sleeping (bed hogging) buddy.  I tried to keep my door closed and let him whine it out, but MY lack of sleep from all of this whining and scratching at my door finally caused me to cave in and I let him sleep in my room now. 

Goal today is to drink a LARGE glass of water an hour (and turn into a fish!), do my nails, and get on the stationary bike for 90 minutes. 

Had a great doctor's appointment yesterday.  Baby's heartbeat was in the high 150's, and everything was spot on perfect.  She is very low in my pelvis and while it hurts bad, I know this is a good thing.  Now that I'm 37 weeks, it's all a waiting game from this point forward.

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