22 January 2012

Feeling Human Again

Today was the first day in a LONG time that I've actually felt human again. Yes! Food actually tasted good and we even went out shopping and visited a Italian version of a greenhouse/nursery. It was amazing.

Bought a couple of seed packets for our patio garden (flowers, basil, parsley, San Marzano tomatoes, onions) and some extra San Marzano tomato seeds for hubby's dad. We'll have to see who has the best tomatoes when they start growing.

Yesterday we tried going shopping on base and I ended up sitting on the display couches the entire time. I felt like I could barely standup on my own. My legs were like lead.

Today has been so much better! I have some energy and I'm finally back to eating. Maybe I will survive this pregnancy.... =0)

13 January 2012

Austria in a Day

4:45AM Crawl out of bed and stumble around trying to get ready to go to Austria on a day trip

5:25 Dry-heave in the car a few times before we head off to the bus (pregnancy is SO much fun)

8:20 Realize I lost my military dependent ID and freak out for the next hour

10:15 Find my dependent ID

10:20 Brewery tour - AMAZING!

3:00PM Eat lunch

3:45 Tour Innsbrook

5:00 Hop back on the bus and head home

8:00 Silently wish the world would swallow up the obnoxious couple on board the bus that are keeping their reading lights on

9:00 Wondering if I can strangle the obnoxious couple and legally get away with it

9:30 Get in our car and head home

10:00 Lose my ipod and freak out for the second time today

10:15 Find my ipod

10:30 Crash into bed exhausted

05 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Along with the popular New Year resolutions, don't forget to add "love" to your list. We have our petty little fights and hold fast to our grudges because we subconsciously believe that we all are guaranteed tomorrow.
You can never be sure of what tomorrow holds. Share that hug today.

04 January 2012


What I've noticed from living here so far.

#1 I've only seen two obese Italians after being here for a month! The U.S. could use lessons on obesity from this place. It's amazing.

#2 Gardens are EVERYWHERE. There isn't an Italian house that doesn't have some kind of a garden. I can't wait till March rolls around. I'm going to have a garden even if it is just in pots!

#3 Italians are very welcoming. Most of them are that is. Hubby and I went shopping for the first time here in Italy, to a little florist/craft shop just down the street. When we walked in, the owner greeted us and I told him (in Italian) that we only speak a little Italian...very little. But because we tried to speak in his language, even if it was just a sentence, he was very grateful for the effort. Wanted to wrap our package up in a bow and even gave us an extra 10% discount.

#4 Italian couples hold hands when walking about. It's like first love is always rekindled here. Kinda sweet if you ask me. Old and young, they all hold hands when walking around town.

#5 Italians are very religious. It's like the entire town closes up for church and everyone pours into church for the service.

...more to come, but I'm tired.

If you haven't heard, hubby and I are expecting. Due sometime in Aug/Sept. Yeah!

02 January 2012

My New Favorite Place

For dinner, hubby and I drove (it was raining) to a new ristorante. We've walked past it three times already, but it was never open. This time we went at the right time!
At first I was really worried. There were three Bentleys and one Maserati parked outside. I thought this place was going to clear our pocketbooks out. But to my surprise, Ristorante Pizzeria Ada was amazing and very reasonably priced! I had risotto and hubby had veal, and we brought the tiramisu home. It was deliziosissima!

01 January 2012

Lost in a Small City

Camisano is a very small city. But yet we can't seem to find a restaurant that is open whenever we happen to be out. Very frustrating to know we are living in the midst of some of the most amazing wine and food and yet we have to go back to the apartment and cook hamburgers.

Someday we'll figure it out.