10 February 2012

Great Day in Italy!

Today I had an interview for an AMAZING job here in Italy on base. It went so well (in my opinion) and I couldn't feel happier or more confident. It will be two weeks before I know if I'm offered the job or not.
Yesterday was a huge low. But today helped by turning out to be so great! The best part about these good days is that I get to share the joy with you! I love sharing happiness with you...even if it is just thru the internet.
After the interview, hubby bought me lunch at the bowling alley. (It's the most popular place for lunch on base.) Maybe I'm still in newlywed "puppy love," but I can't help but be so proud to be out with my husband. It doesn't hurt that he is the handsomest of all the other boys in uniform!
Happy Friday to all.

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