11 February 2012

We Have A Theme!

Nursery theme has been picked out! It's been decided (thanks to hubby's sis) that the nursery is going to be beach/ocean inspired. I'm happy because I LOVE the beach, and hubby is thrilled that his sand turtle from Disney World has a "home" now.
Pinterest has been my latest time hogger and I've been finding all kinds of cool ideas to inspire us as we start to plan and prepare. Hubby's goal is to have all the main stuff in place by the time he deploys (who knows when).
For all those that are wondering about where we are going to register for baby things, that won't go out until we know the sex of this little bambino which happens the end of April.

1 comment:

  1. I think a beach theme will be great! You won't have to change it when baby is a young one!