28 February 2012


Unfortunately, one of the norms here in Italy is seeing my hubby off for training in other parts of Europe and such. I absolutely hate being apart from my hubby even if it is only for a few weeks at a time.

According to the veterans of military wives and one of my sisters, projects (and lots of them) are my biggest key to staying sane! So I’m racking up a list. On my list is “start volunteering for the American Red Cross.” I love that I’ll be able to volunteer as many days as I want and pretty much set my own hours…as they take anything they can get.

With my non-clinical healthcare background, I’m slated to work in the clinic. Can’t wait! So what did this silly girl do in preparation? I ordered a pair of pants just for the occasion! Of course I’ll have to buy a few more (none of my dress pants fit at the moment), but one pair will get me through till we visit home and I can shop in real stores. I’ve never ordered pants online so this was a scary first.

Now I’d better scoot off here and start completing all my online orientation classes.

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