20 February 2012

First Trimester - Prego Update

I've made it 12 weeks! SOOOOOOOOO happy that the first trimester is over. Now my body just needs to figure out that I'm suppose to be gaining weight (not losing), have more energy, and no more nausea. We'll see if it gets the message.

Did you know that this little alien/bambino is about 2 inches long and the size of a lime? Well now you know.

When I feel like it, I'll take my first baby bump picture and plan on posting a new one about once a week from this point forward. So far, I don't think it really looks like a bump. I feel like I'm rockin a beer belly, figuratively speaking.

Warning: Ranting is below.
I'm having a really hard time with Italy. Yes, I said it. I am starting to hate this place.

Everything feels backwards. Everything stinks. We have to keep Scentsy's on all day in the bathroom because the sewer smell comes up through the toilet. We are only allowed one tiny trash can a week. Everything else has to get recycled which means we have four other trash cans or piles of cans/bottles/paper products everywhere. I don't bother to go out shopping because I don't know what I'm even looking at...unless I shop at the tiny store on base. Everything is closed from 11am - 3pm. Traffic sucks. Drivers are rude. I get honked at a couple of times a trip because I'm driving around the speed limit...and Italians never drive the speed limit.

I'm stuck wearing sweatpants and tank tops because the short supply of maternity clothes on base are ugly or only come in XL. I can't seem to find even one maternity store at the malls. And I'm a little nervous to try and buy online since I keep losing weight.

The ONE other family in this complex can't seem to shut the main door no matter how many signs are posted, and I'm worried about break-ins. Gypsies are a big deal around here. We are going to have to park our car in the underground garage soon because they'll break into the car looking for valuables.

I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss fast food (don't care if it's bad for me...I miss it!). I miss being able to watch my favorite tv shows. I miss Walgreens and Target.
Getting off my sob box now...


  1. Aw! Poor Megan! Moving to Italy IS a huge adjustment. Top if off with being pregnant for the first time in s foreign country. I feel for you!
    Stay strong!! Maybe a bunch of us could put together a care pkg & send over to you! I'll see what we can do. ;-)
    Miss you guys!!!!! ***HUGS***

  2. Aww, bless your heart. I feel so bad for you. I think you are experiencing culture shock and it will get a lot better. Your hormones aren't helping your ability to cope with it all that's for sure. Hang in there. Things will get better.