03 February 2012

Learning to Adjust

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound and the little one was so cute! I'm ten weeks along today and will start taking weekly baby bump pictures at twelve weeks.
Not really sure why, but I've always thought this little one is a boy. So until we find out for sure what the sex is, sometime in April, I'm going to be calling this baby "Jr." During the ultrasound he was flailing his little fists around and kicking vigouriously. Looks like I will have a little energizer bunny on my hands.
Our new dog, Baylo, is such a sweetheart. For being less than a year old, Baylo is very laid back and I love spending time with him. I don't feel as crazy talking out loud to myself when Baylo is around!
Living in a foreign country is quite an adventure and traveling throughout Europe is a blast! But, the day-to-day life can be frustrating and all the new things thrown at me are a bit overwhelming. It isn't easy being pregnant for the first time on top of being away from everything and everyone I know, living in a different time zone (my body still hasn't adjusted fully), and facing a deployment in the future.
It all sounds horrible when thrown together like that, but it's not THAT bad. My morning sickness is getting better. I have more energy to go out and do things now. Not having a job just yet has allowed me to rest when I'm tired, and organize the apartment a little each day. I have a beautiful and BIG apartment with more amenities than I ever expected. I have a job interview coming up (and it's for a GREAT position). I have a mountain view from nearly every window of the apartment!!!! AND best of all, I have a wonderful husband that is adjusting and adapting like a champ to all my crazy hormonal changes.
Come to think of it...I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
Thank you for all the wonderul congratulatory phone calls, emails, and FB posts after Jr's first ultrasound. It's always great hearing from you all!
By the way, any cool plans for Super Bowl? It doesn't come on until about 1am on Monday morning here, and since it's not the Rams playing, we probably won't be watching it. Who are you cheering for?

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  1. Love your newsy updates, Megan. Glad you are feeling better!