26 February 2012

13 Weeks - Prego Update

We've made it to 13 weeks. Yeah!!!!!!!! Bambino is the size of a peach now.

Other great news, we've picked out a baby bed. I'm so happy! Finding something EXACTLY like I wanted that also ships to us took some time. But I finally found the perfect one. Now for the dresser, rocking chair, swing and highchair.

One more thing, if we can't get the docs to allow us to complete the baby gender ultrasound before blockleave, we are going to pay out of pocket and schedule our own back in the States when we come visit!

It will make things so much easier to complete all the baby registry stuff if I know the sex of this little bambino. Our main things will stay gender neutral, but I would like to have a few girl/boy specific decorations.

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