21 December 2012

Dear Daddy

A whole bunch of new things have happened since I last wrote. First of all, I miss you sooo much and talking to you on FaceTime is my favorite part of the day.

But back to my latest developments. I found my feet just a few days before we all left Philly, then that Sunday I rolled over for the first time, although Mommy missed it. The very next day when Mommy and I were with Nana and everyone else making cookies, I started rolling over, but this time I did it more than once and everybody saw and was cheering me on. Now I'm a rolling champ. I do it whenever I laying down.

I've also started teething. Nobody believed Mommy when she said I've been my clingy than usual, and instead of just sucking on my thumb, I'm chewing on both my fists and soaking my onesies with drool. Both Nana and Great Granny agreed that I'm teething. You and Mommy are going to have fun with this phase!!!

Mommy and I finally got my Visa application completed. Talk about a huge ordeal! The Airforce guy was pretty stupid and it was Mommy that kept having to tell him what to do. Hopefully the guy's stupidity doesn't mess anything up and cause my Visa to be held up. I want to be with you so bad!

Love you Daddy. Sending you lots of hugs and milky kisses.

- your baby girl

10 December 2012

Dear Daddy

On the scale of binkies, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the best...spending time with you this past week definitely rates at 10 binks!  I can't help but smile every time I see you and having you feed me and hold me, makes me the happiest baby girl in the world.

Seriously, who could have it any better than me! I get Mommy all to myself during the day, I get to see you at lunch time, and then I get attention from both of you in the evening. Not to mention, having you around to feed me in the middle of the night is awesome. When it's just Mommy, she gets pretty sleepy and doesn't talk to me and entertain me like you do.

Plus, you are quickly becoming an Allstar at knowing how I like things and how to keep me happy. Way to go Daddy!

I can't wait to spend even more time with you. I love you.

- your baby girl

30 November 2012

Dear Daddy

I've gained a whole half a pound! Plus I'm wearing my very first 6 month onesie. It's a little big, but at least my legs and feet aren't squished.

Right now I'm talking to fast for Mommy to type everything I'm saying, so I giver her a break every few minutes my stopping and eating my hands.

Now I have the hiccups. I ALWAYS seem to get the hiccups and it makes me mad.

Whenever I'm drinking my milkies and Mommy makes me stop to burp me, I squeal like a little piggy. I'm not a fan of being burped, unless I have something to watch.

Can't wait to see you soon!!!! Love you lots and lots.

- your baby girl

27 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I "celebrated" my turning 3 months old today by going out and applying for my very own passport! Mommy says it was anything but a celebration for her, but I had a blast because at Mommy's 2nd attempt to submit my application, Nana came along. I got to eat milkies and then promptly filled my diaper with stinks while entertaining Mommy and Nana will my faces. Of course I got bored after that and Nana took me out to the car while Mommy finished up.

I'm not suppose to tell you, but I'm sleeping in my swing again tonight. Mommy says she'll put me jn my cosleeper tomorrow night.

So far I still weight 12 lbs, although I'm starting to grow out of the smaller 3 month clothes. It's mostly onesies with small footies. I don't like having my toes all scrunched up.

Love you Daddy. So excited to see you soon!

24 November 2012

Dear Daddy

I wore myself out from all the excitement Thanksgiving day that I slept 7 straight hours in my swing!
After sleeping that long, Mommy was sure that I was going to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the rest of the night/morning. But I drank half of my usual amount of milk, and fell asleep for another 3 hours.

Mommy and I joined Nana and Aunt M while they did some black Friday shopping. I promptly got tired of all the lights and noise, but feel asleep after crying for only a minute or two. Mommy was terrified that she was going to have a Thanksgiving day screaming episode on her hands once again, but I was cool as a cucumber after I had that short nap in her arms while shopping.

Following shopping, we went to visit Uncle C's family and I put on the charm.

I fell asleep when we went to Aunt M and Uncle C's house to help put up Christmas decorations. I slept in Uncle C's office the whole time Mommy, Nana and Aunt M were decorating. Mommy had a blast. She was soooo happy that I did so well while we were out. But then again, Aunt M and Nana know me and what I like.

I love you Daddy. It won't be to long before I can see you again!!! Hugs and milky kisses.

- your baby girl

21 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I have been feeling a little blah. I have a yucky cold and Mommy is trying to deal with pain, vomiting, and asthma. We are quite a pitiful pair! But we also make for perfect sleeping buddies. We sleep a lot...day and night.

Despite my cold, I'm eating like a champ. Anywhere from 4-6 ounces.

Development wise, there is nothing really new that I've been doing lately besides continuing to grow big and strong!

Love you Daddy. We miss you soooooo much.

- your baby girl

18 November 2012


If you came to this post expecting a gushing out pour of all that I'm thankful for...you are in for a surprise!

I hate Thanksgiving and all of the stupid "Day #: I'm thankful for...." crap that everyone and their brother is doing. It's like they go through their list of family members and if that list is short, then they move on to their pets, their neighbors pets, and who knows what else after that.

If you want to be legit, be thankful all year long and SHOW your appreciation through small acts of kindness towards those you love.

And the Thanksgiving dinner?!?! Of course I like food...but why spend days preparing for one ahort meal of engorgement followed by hours of cleanup? Order in pizza and call it a day.

Call me the grinch of Thanksgiving. The only part I like out of all of it is the wine and box stuffing with gravy from a jar.

Enough said. I'm retreating back into my grinch mountain cave.

16 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I enjoyed relaxing today. I fell asleep in Mommy's arms while we were watching MASH together.

We can't wait to see you soon. It's hard for Mommy with all the unknowns, but we are doing pretty good otherwise.

Our favorite thing to do is sleep in and then I eat and talk to Mommy for a little while. Pretty soon I will be talking to you too Daddy!

Hugs and milky kisses

- your baby girl

15 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I ran all around town today with Nana. We went to the post office, grocery store, baby store, clothes store, and had lunch with Aunt M! I grossed Aunt M out by puking down the side of her nice black dress pants and shoes.

I was pretty fussy again today, but finally fell asleep around 5pm and slept for 3 whole hours. Mommy couldn't believe it and kept checking on me.

Tomorrow Mommy and I are doing nothing but laundry, work out, watch tv, and snuggle and sleep a lot! Oh, and I might get a bath. Yeah me!!!

Love you Daddy. Miss you lots.

- your baby girl

14 November 2012

Dear Daddy

My happy phase came to an abrupt end yesterday. Mommy is at her wits end trying to figure out what happened and why the turn of events. I've been crying for the past 4 hours, not to mention all the crying that I did today. I got so worked up that Mommy ended up having to put on headphones on the ride back from SAFB.

On a good note, I'm eating a ton and continuing to do a lot of baby talking (during the good moments). Mommy says I'm either talking, screaming, or snoring. Today Mommy got in the shower twice just to chill out and try and mentally relax. She tries so hard to be calm and happy around me, but I know my fussing is putting her patience to the test.

Both Mommy and I can't wait to be with you!

Hugs and kisses.

- your baby girl

12 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Happy Veterans Day. We love you!!!

- your baby girl

09 November 2012

Dear Daddy

I'm growing so fast...Mommy can hardly believe that I'm now at 12 lbs and 23 inches long.

I'm holding my head up now and even trying to lean forward on my own. Here I come Grandpa W! You said you'd watch me when I can hold my head up!

I like standing up (Mommy keeps me from not falling over). I really don't like tummy time unless I'm  laying on Mommy's chest, and today I started sleeping a full three hours at a time. When I'm awake in between naps, I like to lay on my play mat with a few toys to entertain me above my head, watch TV with Mommy - sitting up like a big girl in Mommy's arms, or sit in my bouncy seat watching Mommy.

If people are talking to each other and not paying attention to me...I get fussy. I love attention but loud noises and loud voices or yelling scares me and I cry. Mommy can't yell at Teddy (dog) anymore because I get upset. It's my sneaky way of letting Teddy do whatever he wants. We made a pact back when he was my protector while I was still in Mommy's belly.

I can't wait to be with you again Daddy. We are going to have so much fun together! Love you.

- your baby girl

08 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I watched Despicable Me and we loved it! I watched the whole thing on Mommy's lap and tried to talk with the little minions. Mommy thought I was hilarious.

I had a great day today. Only fussed a few times, ate lots of yummy formula milk, and napped like a champ.

I loved seeing you on FaceTime!!!

Mommy got her camo Cardinals shirt in the mail today. She was so excited and can't wait to wear it tomorrow. We'll take a picture and send it to you!

Yesterday at Nana's birthday party, Mommy gave me the tiniest bit of cake frosting and ice cream. I loved it and kept smacking my lips for more. Don't worry Daddy! I promise not to eat a lot of sweet stuff and junk food! Mommy just wanted to see how I would react to anything other than milk.

So we tried a teaspoon of watery baby cereal this morning, but I didn't like it as much. I wanted my milk instead!

We love you and miss you soooo much. Get better soon!

- your baby girl

01 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Did you like the video Mommy posted of me playing with my hands? I'm getting pretty good at bringing my hands to my mouth now.

We had a great day that is being followed by the beginnings of a rough night. I've had two baths so far today and one of Mommy's favorite onesies bit the dust. It was just to nasty. :0)

I missed seeing you on the computer today. We'll have to try and make it happen tomorrow!

Mommy has been having some rough moments. She misses you a lot. We read your storybook and practice saying Daddy all the time! Mommy says that she hopes you are my first word because then you'll have to be the one to take care of me more often as I'll be calling for you.

Everyone is saying I'm getting prettier as the days go by. You had better sharpen up your shooting skills for when I get older!

Sending you kisses,
Your baby girl

31 October 2012

Dear Daddy

I love my hands!

Over the past few days, I've been playing with my hands more and more. Today I couldn't them out of my mouth. I would even squeal in frustration if I kept trying to get them up to my mouth but missed. Mommy tried to get me to use the pacifier, but I would have none of it. I only wanted to chew on my hands.

Mommy and Nana went through all the infant/toddler toys to see what I have to play with as I get older, and what I should add to my Christmas wish list. I sure do have a lot already and won't need much!

Love you and miss you.

- your baby girl

30 October 2012

Dear Daddy

I had a very eventful day, tagging along with Mommy to the store, getting to FaceTime with you, eating, naps, and watching Uncle D's dog get shocked with his new obedience collar. That was funny!

Mommy has been packing up most of my newborn clothes. At first she was sad, but once I showed her how cute I look in my 3 month onesies, Mommy was excited about me having a whole new "batch" of clothes to wear.

I christened one of them already with a blow out diaper! It was a good one. Mommy had to wash my swing because it got dirty too. I know...I have awesome skills.

Love you Daddy. Hope you keep on getting better.

- your baby girl

28 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Sorry I haven't written you in the last few days. I've been keeping Mommy very busy. Last night Mommy got a break and was able to sleep about 9 hours while Nana took care of me all night and into the morning. Mommy almost slept in till noon! 

I am getting bigger every day, and fit into one of my 3 month outfits for the first time.

Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow on FaceTime. 

Love you!

- your baby girl

23 October 2012

Dear Daddy

I received my 2 month shots today. Mommy couldn't handle it, so Nana came with us and held me. I screamed real loud, but it only lasted for a few minutes and then Nana calmed me down.

Afterwards, Mommy and Nana treated themselves to pizza and Hawaii 5-0 while I slept, cuddled up in Nana's arms. After Nana left, I fell back asleep in Mommy's arms, and slept through the whole Cardinals game.

Mommy's been having a hard time of it lately. She hates the thought of us being away from you now while you are down for the count with your leg, and then with the holidays coming up. I do my best to cheer Mommy up by smiling and talking my baby talk.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, at the doctor's office today, I weighed 10 lbs and 4 oz.! I'm in the 50th percentile for height and weight. And I was cooing and smiling for the doctor too...that is before I got my shots. :0(

Love you Daddy!

- your baby girl

21 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I were up at the crack of cracks this morning to go shopping with the girls. Mommy found me the cutest summer outfit and a Christmas shirt for next year. Guess what? They both have "Daddy" on them!

Everyone and their brother fussed over me, and Mommy repeated, "7 weeks" about a thousand times because they all kept asking how old I was. I thought it wasn't polite to ask a girl's age?! :0)

Had our first poop explosion worthy of a hose down. You should have seen the faces Mommy made. I thought it was funny although I don't think Mommy felt the same way.

Hope your leg feels better! Love you!!!

- your baby girl

19 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Today was our first "do as Abby wants" day. On a scale of 1 - 5 binkies (1 being bad and 5 being the best), I'd say this day rates at 5 binks!

Mommy went to the dentist this morning and she did such a great job of rocking me to sleep, that I slept through her whole appointment. All the ladies said I was so cute.

Then Mommy took me to friend J's house where me and baby C. had a play date. It was fun. We hope to have another play date next week!

I've been lifting my head up more, and talking baby talk. Mommy hopes my first word is "Daddy!"

Sorry to hear that you hurt your ankle today. Mommy and I wish we could be there with you to take care of you and cheer you up!

Mommy and I love and miss you.

- your baby girl

18 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I have decided to scrap the whole "crying it out" idea. She said my supreme vocal chords were about to make her jump ship, and since she can't do that because she has to take care of me...then we are just going to stick to doing things in whatever way keeps me happy and Mommy sane. At least until we get to Italy and then you, Daddy dear, get to deal with me. :0)

Today Nan came over and took care of me so Mommy could have a break. And for lunch, the three of us went to a park with Aunt M.. I loved watching the waves at the lake.

I've enjoyed playing on my Baby Einstein play mat. And today while riding in the car, I figured out how to press the buttons that make noise on one of my toys.

Gotta go! It's time for a diaper change.

Love you!

- your baby girl

16 October 2012

Hanging in there: Mom 101

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect.  Everything gets reduced to essentials.  ~Meryl Streep

Little miss had a bad night which made for an equally bad night for me. But 5 hrs later, we finally met with the sweet success of peaceful sleep. 

Hubby is so wonderful. When I reach my breaking point, Hubby let's me vent. There is no judging or telling me what to do. He simply shows his support and encourages me to hang in there. 

Thank you Love. 

Dear Daddy

Today I tortured Mommy by refusing to sleep at all between the hours of 7am and 1:30pm. Mommy spent a good portion of that time sitting outside because she just couldn't take my endless crying (aka. screaming). At that point Mommy finally gave up any hope of me sleeping and so we went and returned the one lousy "womb" bear that was barely audible, and bought a different one that is a lot louder.

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit. I drank part of my bottle and promptly feel asleep and all of Grandma and Grandpa's attempts to wake me up we're in vain. I had finally wore myself out from all the crying earlier.

Mommy and I watched the Cards game tonight. I got so bummed over the other team's runs that I decided to fall asleep (again).

We put the new "womb" bear to the test tonight and it worked with great success. Mommy laid me down in my own bed, wide awake, and I fell asleep on my own without so much as a peep squeak! Mommy hopes we have multiple repeats of this miraculous occurrence.

Sorry I missed you during FaceTime today. I'll do my best to be awake for you tomorrow!

Love you Daddy.

- your baby girl

14 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy has been working very hard at trying to get me to fall asleep on my own. It's so hard for her when I cry, but we are doing good. I'm eating more and even slept for 3 hr periods the last two nights.

Mommy and Nana worked on my holiday dress and finished the zipper today. Now Mommy just has to hand stitch the last bit of lace trim on and then it's done! I'm going to look so cute.

I'm napping during the RAMS game so I can stay awake for the Cards game tonight. Mommy is wearing the bright pink jersey that you bought her, and I'm wearing one of my favorite "Daddy" onesies. We'll take a picture of us send it to you.

Going to visit our friends, M & M tonight. It will be the first time I get to meet them in person. Can't wait!

Love you Daddy.

- your baby girl

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I were very busy today! Aunt M. came over to Nana's to spend time with me and we hung out together. We went for a walk, made spicey spaghetti sauce, I got a bath, watched Hallmark movies, spent time with Uncle D. when he came over after drill, played with Nana, and watched Mommy sew my dress.

Mommy was sad this afternoon. All she could think about was Baby K.'s memorial service. Although we couldn't be there, it was still hard for Mommy as she thought about what our friends are going through as they miss their baby.

I was especially good this afternoon so as to help cheer Mommy up. It made our day being able to Skype with you! I love hearing your voice, Daddy.

Hugs and kisses.

- your baby girl

13 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I had a rough night last night. We slept for 1 hr...until this morning at 9:30am and then we finally got a little more sleep, although it made Mommy late to girl's lunch with Aunt M.E., Aunt J. and cousin K..

We had lots of fun at lunch. I was high maintenance and enjoyed being held and fussed over. At one point when nobody could get me to stop crying, Mommy played your story book recording. I calmed down for a few minutes and it made the aunts and cousin K. teary-eyed. They said it was really sweet.

Now Mommy and I are with Nana and I get to sleep in my very own room tonight! Mommy is a little nervous, but it's okay. Mommy bought me a "Womb bear" that supposedly really calms babies down. We shall see if I like it. We'll let you know!

Uncle J. and cousin K. came over around dinner time so Mommy could learn ways to massage my back and stuff and help me with the horrid colic.

We miss you Daddy! Be safe traveling. Can't wait to FaceTime or talk with you soon. Love you!

- your baby girl

12 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy dressed me up all cute and pretty for FaceTime with you, until she forgot you were traveling.  I was really bummed! 

We went and had lunch with Aunt C. at the mall and I loved the lights and bright colors everywhere. 

Mommy wore her lucky Freese jersey for the Cards game, but it didn't pull any luck for us today. The Cards just have to win tomorrow!

Love you Daddy!

- your baby girl

10 October 2012

What I Wish I Knew: Mommy 101

This is a rambling post of  how things have worked for me.  Nothing is in order of priority.  I'm just numbering them to look organized.  Haha.

Note: I am a stay at home "single" mom and not breastfeeding.

#1 Get a cosleeper.  Who cares if you aren't going to be THAT mom.  Get one anyways.  You can always take it back.  For us, the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest (NOT the surround one) was a life saver.  It allows your baby to sleep in bed with you safely.  It also allows you to attend to the baby without having to get up every five seconds.  HUGE sanity preserver.  Of course we didn't get this until three weeks after little miss was born and we were ready to pawn our precious baby off to the first bidder.

#2 Forget the changing table.  Unless you can find a changing table where your baby's butt FACES you, don't even waste your money.  It's to difficult to try and change a squirming baby sideways.  Instead, have a couple of changing pads on hand everywhere.  Because that's just where you'll be changing your baby.  Everywhere. 

#3 Skip all the cute clothes for the first few weeks and just make sure you have plenty of short sleeve and long sleeve onsies.  You never know if your baby is going to be warm or cold blooded.  And make sure they are all front openers.  Back openers are just not worth it.  Zippers versus snaps don't matter.  You'll find what you like after you change a million diapers.

#4 Your baby may or may not like to be swaddled.  Just go with the flow.  Our little miss loved to be swaddled the first few days and then suddenly HATED it with a passion. She likes to sleep with her arms above her head and will kick and scream her way out of the entire velcro'd swaddling blanket...arms, feet and all.  

#5 Get plenty of burp clothes and receiving blankets.  At first little miss wasn't a spitter, but now we soak the burp cloths at each feeding...and poop explosions up the back are a regular thing around here.  So having plenty of clean blankets on hand so you can place one on your lap so you aren't wearing poop...or spit...or whatever else comes spewing out of your precious baby.

#6 For cleaning bottles, get yourself a large mixing bowl, a 16 bottle drying rack (at Target), and a bottle of Dawn soap and call it a day.  Who has time to hand wash all the bottles?!?!  I rinse mine in HOT water immediately after feeding and then let them soak in (usually cold) soapy water for a couple of hours and then rinse again with HOT water. That's my bottle washing routine.  (At six weeks of age, I have 5 - 9 oz. bottles and 3 - 4 oz. bottles on hand with size 1 nipples).  But I have 6 more bottles still in their boxes in case I need more.)

#7 During the first few weeks when you are getting use to being sleep deprived, put a small basket at the head of the cosleeper with about 3 bottles filled with water, formula already measure out and in the cool little powder formula dispenser things, about 5 diapers, some wipes, 2-3 burp clothes, and a few doggy poop bags.  This allows you to care for your baby in the middle of the night without having to even get out of bed if you don't want to.  Doggy poop bags are for the diapers (seal and toss in the direction of the nearest trashcan and pick up off the floor in the morning when you are actually a little more alert and awake, and not a total sleep waking zombie). 

Sounds gross...but wait until you find dirty diapers in remote places because you were so out of it from lack of sleep that you misplaced them.  Like in the fridge...where I mistakenly put a dirty diaper instead of the half-drunk bottle...and found the bottle in the trashcan.

#8 Get a baby carrier.  The Baby Bjorn (breathable mesh kind) is what is working best for us right now.  It's quick to put on and off.  Literally takes me seconds. Very much worth the money spent.  Sometimes it's much easier to "wear" your baby instead of lugging around the carseat and/or stroller.

That's all I have for now.  As little miss continues to grow and as new things come along, I'll be sure to add them!

Dear Daddy

Mommy had her postpartum follow-up doctor's appointment today while Nana watched me.  Mommy was so tired that she fell asleep in the exam room and the doctor got a kick out of it...sympathetically that is. But it was a good appointment overall and Mommy got cleared to go back to everything, including exercising.  Mommy is so excited!  She says this will be good and give her endorphines which will makes things alot less stressful.

Daddy, thank you for being so nice to Mommy and encouraging her.  I give Mommy a very difficult time with all my crying, although I don't purposely mean too.  But I just wanted to say that you are the best daddy in the world! 

Today I smiled at Nana while she was talking to and feeding me.  I made her cry happy tears.  What's with all these happy tears?  When I cry they certainly aren't happy tears.

We stopped by to say hello to my Aunt M. this afternoon, although I was in a cranky mood and it made Aunt M. a little sad.  Mommy tried to tell her that it's just me and my fussiness, and not Aunt M.  I really do love Aunt M.!

Mommy is going to go shopping for my halloween outfit soon.  What would you like me to be for halloween?  Something cute...or something funny?  You get to choose Daddy.

Love you!

- your baby girl

09 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy swears I am in the purple crying phase. We had a total of about two non-consecutive hours where I wasn't fussy or crying.

Despite near insanity on Mommy's part, we are doing good. I'm 9 lbs now and have moved out of newborn diapers, although still wearing mostly newborn clothes. 

Today Mommy and I made the the fastest Target trip (probably the fastest in the world!) for diapers. She says that shopping trip was NOT retail therapy. 

I read your recorded story book at least five times today. While your voice is talking, I get real quiet and listen intently. 

Mommy and I are going to snuggle now for a little while. Love you Daddy. Can't wait to see you again. 

- your baby girl

08 October 2012

Dear Daddy

I'm six weeks old today! Mommy has been reading alot of baby development stuff online and she is really excited about how everyone says it all gets easier from here. But you know me...I don't normally follow what the experts say! I like to make up my own rules.

My cousin was over here today and I had fun playing with him. He talked to me, made silly faces, and entertained me.

I follow people with my eyes now and respond to them by smiling. Mommy is my favorite and I always jerk my head around trying to find her when I hear her voice.

Other than playing with my cousin, Mommy and I didn't do much. I was good this morning and slept in my swing for a while, allowing Mommy to grab an hour of sleep.

This afternoon Mommy watched the Cards game. I tried to for a little while, but being a baby is hard work an I ended up sleeping through most of the last half.

Sending hugs and milky kisses. I love you Daddy!

- your baby girl

07 October 2012

Dear Daddy

I had a case of "Mr. Hyde" this morning and it made Mommy so frustrated that she started throwing burp cloths at the wall.  When I finally did go to sleep...three hours later, Mommy was so wired from having lost her wits trying to put me to sleep that she decided it was time to go shopping.  Mommy called it emotional therapy. 

I was the perfect little angel until we were in the store where I got attention from everyone by screaming.  So mommy and I went and hung out in the car for a while.  Mommy listened to music while I drank milkies.

Nana met up with us and she carried me around while Mommy shopped for holiday clothes for me.  We didn't find anything, but it was still fun. 

Then we went back to Aunt and Uncle's house and Mommy worked on one of my dresses she is sewing for me while Nana and I played together.  They tried to get me to nap, but I would have none of that nonsense.

This evening while Mommy was feeding me, she watched Snow White and the Huntsman.  But the movie was so boring that she decided that making silly faces at me so I would smile was alot more entertaining.

Guess what...I'm holding my head up on my own now! 

When you told Mommy that you won't being going to be sent off to play in the sand box anytime soon, Mommy cried.  She said they were happy tears...whatever those are.  Of course I am excited too because this means we get to come back to you!  Besides, you wouldn't want to be away from me for that long anyways because I am pretty awesome.  Just saying.

Love you Daddy!

- your baby girl

06 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Nana came over today and watched me so Mommy could have a break. I slept, ate, and did all of the normal baby things. Mommy cleaned out the car, did laundry, organized the clothes, cooked, and watched TV. We also picked out a very cool Christmas onsie that you will love! I just know you will.

I liked Face Timing with you today, Daddy! Sorry you were frustrated about the Cardinals score. But don't worry, once I'm big enough to fit into all my cool Cardinal clothes...I will wear them during all the games and bring the Cards some good luck.

Mommy was planning on renting the Snow White and the Huntsman movie tonight, but we watched M*A*S*H instead. Maybe we'll rent the movie and watch it tomorrow.

Love you Daddy!

- your baby girl

04 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy says she jinxed herself by saying that I was starting to fall sleep and self sooth without crying to much, because I was a holy terror last night.

Mommy says it's hard to get mad at me at night when I keep her up because I look at her and smile a big gummy grin and it melts her heart.

Mommy says patience is a virtue, but not one that I possess because when I want my bottle...I want it YESTERDAY. Mommy says she doesn't have this virtue either. =0)

Mommy says I'm going to kill her when I'm older and have read what she's written about me.

Mommy says she misses you alot.

We love you.

- your baby girl

Dear Daddy

Today I fell asleep on my very own, after crying for only five minutes. Mommy was so surprised that she kept coming in to check on me. And this evening, I didn't cry at all after Mommy laid me down to sleep.

Mommy took me to get my passport photo at Walgreens this afternoon and everyone was oogling over me. Of course I had to be nice and smile and coo back, which brought me even more attention. Mommy thought it was funny.

Later on we watched Pretty Woman together while I guzzled down a whole four ounces of milk. There was no snacking on one to two ounces this time. I was hungry!

While Mommy was giving me a bath this evening, I farted in the water and it made lots of bubbles and scared me. Mommy laughed but I didn't think it was funny. She says I take after you.

Time to go to sleep (for a little while). Love you and miss you Daddy.

- your baby girl

02 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy went to the doctor today because she wasn't feeling good. I was a perfect little angel while we were there and everyone said I'm so cute!

Later Nana and Great Granny came over to play with me and we went for a walk. I was a bit cranky at first, but then I fell asleep.

I spent most of the afternoon sleeping in Nana's arms while Mommy took a nap.

My tummy is feeling a lot better and I've been eating more so I can grow bigger. I have almost outgrown my going-home-from-the-hospital-"daddy"-onsie. But don't worry, I have a new one to grow into!

Mommy hopes that I sleep longer tonight because she is very tired. I don't know why... :0)

Love you Daddy!

-your baby girl

01 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I took today all for ourselves. We weren't feeling good so we slept, ate, and snuggled in front of the TV for most of the day. I liked watching cops with Uncle D..

I did my first voluntary smile for Mommy this evening. Mommy was talking about you and I gave the biggest grin ever. Mommy cried.

We listened and danced to your favorite song "Somewhere over the rainbow."

Mommy likes taking lots of pictures of me but I wasn't feeling very photogenic so I squinted my eyes and made faces at the camera.

Sending you milky kisses. Love you Daddy.

- your baby girl

30 September 2012

Dear Daddy

Today Mommy and I went to our Aunt and Uncle's house. I gave everyone a run for their money by crying nonstop for hours. Everyone held me and tried to help make my tummy feel better. Then Mommy and I went shopping for diapers. I was good then and slept the whole way home and for a few hours longer.

When Mommy fed me just a little while ago, I started cooing and smiling. I love my bottles!

Now Mommy says it's time to go back to sleep. I love you Daddy.

- Your baby girl

25 August 2012

Day 72

Feeling great physically today!

Been doing lots of stair climbing, drinking TONS of water and red raspberry tea, and relaxing.

Missing hubby a lot more lately. I thought I was doing so good, but it seems the hormones still have my emotions high jacked and I can't help but have a few Florida rain moments sometimes.

I've been occupying my brain by reading up on all the helpful tips for labor and delivery. Some moments I wish the whole L&D thing was over and done with...but more often than not, I'm content with not having Baby-A yet. Maybe it's fear over having my body torn in two and the postpartum recovery. Or maybe it's my complete lack of patience and that a non-stop crying baby will literally send me packing and running for the hills!

Oh well. Can't turn back now.

19 August 2012

38 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along:
38 weeks and 0 days.

How big is Baby-A: Nearly 7 lbs and 20 inches long (according to all the baby websites).

Total weight gain: At 167 lbs for a total weight gain of 30 lbs so far. Yikes.  At least I know from past experience that the weight will come off fast once I can get back into working out again after Baby-A is born.

Sleep: I sleep however and whenever I can.  Most nights include about three showers to deal with the pelvic and back pain before I can finally fall asleep.

Best moment of the week: Talking with hubby on Facetime.  I miss him sooooo much.  Also went to a kids resale thing out in St. Charles with my Mom and sis and got a TON of baby/toddler clothing.  Had a great time!

Food cravings: Chocolate and Greek yogurt.

Symptoms: "Practice" aka false labor, back aches, breathlessness, overall LARGE feeling, waddling, pelvic pressure and pain, tingling hands, headaches, and itchy belly.

Exercise: I bike when i feel like it just to keep my legs moving (when my feet hurt and I don't feel like walking).

Movement: Major movement at night. 

15 August 2012

Day 63

Last night I dreamt that I went into labor, and woke up with some contractions!  But then I fell back asleep. 

Brother's dog, named Teddy, is now living here and has become my shadow and near constant sleeping (bed hogging) buddy.  I tried to keep my door closed and let him whine it out, but MY lack of sleep from all of this whining and scratching at my door finally caused me to cave in and I let him sleep in my room now. 

Goal today is to drink a LARGE glass of water an hour (and turn into a fish!), do my nails, and get on the stationary bike for 90 minutes. 

Had a great doctor's appointment yesterday.  Baby's heartbeat was in the high 150's, and everything was spot on perfect.  She is very low in my pelvis and while it hurts bad, I know this is a good thing.  Now that I'm 37 weeks, it's all a waiting game from this point forward.

11 August 2012

Day 58

Today was a good day. 

Got to spend the morning/afternoon with my Mom.  Went to Scott Airforce Base to see if they had a diaper bag I wanted (they didn't).  Cleaned the bathroom floor.  Hung up some window blinds.  Went to a girlfriend's party...

And then the busy part of the day ends and I'm climbing into an empty bed...

I get so sad.  Not even Baby-A.'s kicks, or my usual favorite (a long hot shower) can cheer me up.  I miss my husband and I'm terrified to go through this whole labor and delivery thing without him.  I feel overwhelmingly guilty that I/we chose for me to come back to the states to have Baby-A because there is a 99.999999% chance that hubby won't make it in time for the birth of his baby. 

The other night, I had contractions 5 minutes apart for 4 hours, before they finally stalled out.  I didn't even call the doctor.  I was in denial.  I wasn't ready to go through with this. 

Decisions look so much easier on paper than they feel like in real life.

But come to think of it, I should be proud of myself for having made any decision at all back then, being such a hormonal-crazed prego that I was/am! =0)

08 August 2012

36 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 36 weeks and 4 days.

How big is Baby-A: 6 lbs and 20 inches long (according to all the baby websites).

Total weight gain: At 163 lbs for a total weight gain of 26 lbs so far. 

Sleep: Not so much.  False labor has been stealing my precious zzzz's!

Best moment of the week: Probably today with the quick OB appointment.

Food cravings: Chocolate and cream of wheat...not together of course.

Symptoms: "Practice" aka false labor, exhaustion, heartburn, nausea, some very slight swelling of my feet, back aches, vision changes, breathlessness, overall LARGE feeling, waddling, increased pelvic pressure,and itchy belly.

Exercise: Been trying to get on the stationary bike for an hour each day to build of my endurance for labor, and usually cover 15 miles going at a very comfortable pace.

Movement: If Baby-A was a NORMAL baby, her movements would have decreased by now.  But since she has part of my genes in her...and we all know how un-normal I am, Baby-A's movements have only increased and gotten stronger.  I keep telling her that she can't claw her way out through my belly button.  It's just not the way out! 

31 July 2012

Day 44

What I feel like doing
baby, beautiful, child, children, crying, face

What I am going to do instead
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Reasons to celebrate:

#1 - Amazing husband that loves me soooo much and works hard to
show me just how much he cares even as we are miles apart

#2 - Our miracle baby girl on the way
Pinned Image

#3 - Awesome family and friends surrounding me with love and craziness
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#4 - Chocolate...a little bit of heaven on earth
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28 July 2012

35 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 35 weeks and 0 days.

How big is Baby-A: 5.5 lbs and 18.5 inches long.

Total weight gain: No weight gain these past two weeks.  Still at 162 with a total gain of 25 lbs.  I thought for sure I was going to have gained at least 5 lbs with the midnight carb cravings I've been having. 

Sleep: I usually go to bed around 7 or 8am and then wake up from discomfort, thirst, or food cravings around midnight, 2pm, and 5am.  

Best moment of the week:  When my swollen feet were no longer swollen...and have stayed that way since! 

Food cravings: Chocolate and carbs (oatmeal, cream of wheat, plain pancake, frosted mini wheats, etc.)

Nausea - Only a few times a week.  I just watch what I eat, keep it simple, and don't stuff myself.  

Hunger - Midnight carb cravings.  Weird!   

Heartburn - Not bad.

Swollen feet - As long as I drink a cup of red raspberry leaf tea about once a day, my feet don't swell up.  They look like normal non-prego feet!  Soooooo happy.  

Contractions (Braxton Hicks) - Yep.  It's funny watching my belly contract.
Clothes: I'm bringing belly shirts back.  Even prego shirts aren't keeping my lower belly covered.  

Exercise: Stretches with the exercise ball.

Movement: Both my mom and sister said Baby-A has dropped.  I read it's normal for first time mom's to drop early on.  Boo....I thought it meant labor was going to happen soon!!!

26 July 2012

Day 40

To the families of the recently fallen soldiers of the 173rd,  I pray that God wraps His arms around you and showers you with love and comfort.

To the soldiers still serving overseas, I pray that you will continue to stay strong, be vigilant, and come home safely.

To the families of soldiers deployed overseas, I pray that God gives you the strength needed for each day as you hold down the home front. 

And to my soldier overseas...never forget that I love you with all of my heart and know that I think of you and pray for you with each passing moment. 

24 July 2012

Day 39

My mind has been playing war with itself and I'm getting a little frustrated...but yet I can't help the thoughts raging in my head.

I'm tired and DONE being pregnant, yet at the same time I'm hoping Baby-A stays inside me as long as possible because I'm not ready to be a mom yet.  I'm terrified and overwhelmed at the thought of all that is about to change and take place. 

I miss Hubby terribly and just want to have this whole labor and delivery thing started so I can finally see him again, yet I know that our time together after Baby-A is born will be short and I can't see myself going through another goodbye.  Not yet at least.  I'm still trying to grow a set of balls and get through the lonely nights as is...and it's only been 39 days. 

But some of the good things:

I don't freak out anymore about where I'll have to deliver or what doc will be on call. 

I am so lucky to be able to spend all this time with family and friends, and have their support and help. 

I have enjoyed going shopping for Baby-A.  Shopping online is not a pleasant experience for me.  It's hard to know what you want.

I love going out shopping...even grocery shopping or just window shopping.  If one store doesn't have what I want, I can always find it somewhere else! 

I love eating fresh (SOFT) bread that isn't frozen when I first buy it and then having gone bad one week later.

I love being able to bake things without having to kick at the oven to get it to turn on.

I love being able to wash AND dry laundry in under two hours.

I love seeing the American flag hanging everywhere. 

I love hearing (most) everyone speak English.  I don't have to google translate to order food at a restaurant.

I love being able to plug electronics in without having to find a transformer first.

and to give you all a good laugh, even though I'm being completely honest.....I love being able to fit in the shower.  I'm no longer banging my knees, elbows, or belly in our little 2x3 shower in Italy.

23 July 2012

34 Weeks - Prego Update


How far along: 34 weeks and 1 day.

How big is Baby-A: Cantalope...yikes!  4 3/4 lbs and 18 inches long.

Total weight gain: Not sure.  Forgot to step on the scale this morning and I'm not about to do it now after drinking tons of water and eating spaghetti for dinner.  

Sleep: Was doing better, but I just got yelled at for turning the AC down so sleep is probably going to go out the way-side now. People forget I'm a human incubator.  I already sleep with the ceiling fan on and two small fans blowing directly on me.  Guess I'm going to have to go out and buy bigger fans.

Best moment of the week:  Saturday at my sister's pool with Mom, sis, niece, nephew and both brothers! 

Food cravings: Chocolate anything.


Nausea - Not bad. 

Hunger - Normal.

Heartburn - Not much at all (fingers crossed that it stayes this way).

Swollen feet - I have to keep them up most of the time or else they look like fat bear paws.  It's so weird.  The fluid and swelling is only on the top of my feet and "jiggles" when I walk. 

Contractions (Braxton Hicks) - Only the REALLY strong ones catch my attention.  Otherwise I'm almost use to them.  The other night after some crazy driver nearly crashed into the side of me and gave me a good scare...contractions started hitting me every few minutes and I thought I'd have to drive straight to hospital to deliver!  But then the contractions died down and finally stopped after an hour.  Whew. 
Clothes: Everything is uncomfortable.

Exercise: Swimming at the pool or riding the stationary bike.

Movement: The intensity of Baby-A's kicks have died down.  And since some of my skirts don't fit anymore and I can breath alot easier, I'm guessing she has moved down and out of my ribs.

19 July 2012

Day 34

Slept in till 10am this morning.  Heaven!!!

My niece came over and we watched cartoons and made princess castle cookies.

Rescheduled a few of my upcoming OB appointments.  Hoping that since I moved them to the first slot in the morning, or right after lunch, I won't have to wait an hour and a half to be seen for just five minutes!

Watched "Pregnant in Heels." Love that show.

Went to the Cheese Cake Factory with girlfriends.  Great time!

18 July 2012

Day 33

It's hard to get upset at people when they say something stupid, because they meant well and didn't really mean to open-mouth-insert-foot.  Today at the OB office, I was asked two separate times when Hubby was going to get in for the birth of Baby-A. 
To the nurse that asked, I replied, “Not until I go into labor.”
“You mean they can’t send him home before you go into labor? Why can’t they send him around your due date?”
“It’s the military.  This is the way things go.”
“That sucks.”
No way…really?  I haven’t spent hours (and nights in tears) thinking about how sucky all of this is.  But thanks for the heads up.  If I had known all this, I would probably still be in Italy right now.
Near the end of my appointment the doc asked me the same question…”So when is your husband coming in.” 
“Remember?  We are going to have to send a Red Cross message so he can come.” 
“That’s the only way?”
“Pretty much.  The brigade is deployed and they aren’t letting anyone leave unless it’s an emergency or birth, and not until the Red Cross message comes through.”
“That’s such a bummer.” 
Again…thanks for the reminder. 

17 July 2012

Day 32

Today I kept myself pretty busy.  Sorted out baby clothes, washed two loads of baby clothes, rode one mile on the stationary bike, hung up the newborn and 0-3 month sizes, made strawberry poptarts from scratch, made brownies (from a box), cleaned the bathroom toilet and (half) the floor, did two dishwasher loads of dishes, showered, and between all that I watched TV and tried to elevate my fat feet.

I'm just crossing my fingers that the dry heaving earlier (sexy right?!) isn't a prediction of how tonight is going to go.  At least the bathroom is ready for me just in case.  I've had two very good days with no puking...yeah!!!

Last night I lost precious sleep worrying about the Red Cross not accepting and sending the doc's message to Hubby before Baby-A is actually born.  Having the baby without Hubby by my side will be bad enough.  I don't want to be discharged from the hospital before Hubby even makes it here!

Been watching my feet swell up to scary proportions.  There are times that I can literally feel my flip flops getting tighter by the minute.  No matter how much water I drink or how long I keep my feet up, they still look three sizes too big. 

On a good note, I've found that sitting on the exercise ball that my mom is letting me borrow really helps with the sciatic nerve pain.  I struggle trying to walk normal, but at least when sitting on the ball, I get a break from the pain.  You take what you can get...right?!

Baby-A is moving like there is no tomorrow while I'm typing.  Time to get out Hubby's recorded story book and get this baby girl to calm down. 


14 July 2012

33 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 33 weeks and 0 days. 
How big is Baby-A: About 17 inches long.
Total weight gain: 162 lbs. Total prego weight gain of 25 lbs at this point.  
Sleep: Very little...from about 1-4am.
Best moment of the week: When I'm at the pool.  It's the only time I don't feel like a whale. 
Food cravings: Chocolate pudding.
Nausea - All the time.  Today breakfast stayed down for no more than 20 mins.
Hunger - Mostly mid mornings. Very little in the evenings. 
Heartburn - Barely there. Yeah!
Nosebleeds - None. Yeah!
Chest Pain - My poor ribs...ouch!  The other night Baby-A was kicking my ribs so hard for three hours straight and all I could do was bite down on a towel to keep from screaming. 
Braxton Hicks - All the time.
Clothes: This morning I was seriously considering joining a nudist camp until Baby-A is born.  Down to only two tank tops that are comfortable. 
Exercise: Swimming at the pool.
Movement: All the time. 

10 July 2012

Day 25

As my no fly date keeps getting closer, I've been really struggling with the decision we made for me to come back to the states.  There are sooooo many nights that I feel like calling Hubby and asking him to book me the first flight back to Italy. 

Life isn't bad.  I enjoy the times I get to hang out with family, going to the pool, getting Baby-A's nursery stuff done (things I couldn't have accomplished in Italy because the stores just aren't there).

It's just that I miss Hubby so much.  No matter how busy I am, or who is with me, nothing fills the void.  Every kick and movement from Baby-A makes me think of Hubby...and she kicks ALL THE TIME.  Being a wash of pregnant hormones doesn't help either.

I use to have a saying, "No reserves, no retreat, no regrets."  It was so much easier to live when my heart wasn't involved.  Now that half of my heart is in Italy...I'm at a loss on how to get back to this.

On paper, our decision to send me to the states was the best, but trying to remind myself of this, nearly a million times a day, just isn't cutting it. 

Maybe when Baby-A comes, I'll be so wrapped up in taking care of her that I will have less time to think and I'll just run on autopilot.  Maybe my labor experience will be so great that I will KNOW this was the perfect decision.

But for now, I'm going to set my motto aside and borrow Dory's from Finding Nemo.

"Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming."

08 July 2012

Day 23

Went for a walk, and Buddy was ready to go inside before we were!

Bought a few things for Baby-A.


Had rice for dinner.  Since "morning" sickness is back, I'm sticking to plain foods until I can figure out what works and what doesn't.  Thankfully I love rice and buttered bread.

What you aren't seeing in pictures (good thing too) is me breaking down early this morning and having a "Florida rains" moment after.... I tried to make toast and the toaster wasn't working, tried to get on the internet and email Hubby some car info he needed and the internet wasn't working, went to watch a favorite show of mine and that show isn't part of the cable package here, started to research baby bottles when the internet came back up again and got internet information overload as well as the internet crashing on me every few minutes, went to get in the shower and two spiders started crawling up my arm...

Hubby called and tried to console me by advising me not to stress the small stuff.  I shared with Mom just how awesome he is even though not stressing the small stuff is alot easier said then done.  Mom commented on how Hubby is just trying to do everything he can even though he is miles away and can't give me a hug or anything else...and that brought another Florida rains moment.  I do miss him soooo much.

So Mom gave me a hug, I helped her finish altering a shirt that she was struggling with, and both of our worlds were put to right for the time being. 

Now I'm going to waste the rest of the evening away by watching scandalous reality tv shows until I get tired and go to bed. 

07 July 2012

32 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 32 weeks and 0 days
How big is Baby-A: Weighs about 4 pounds.
Total weight gain: 160 lbs. Total prego weight gain of 23 lbs at this point. 
Sleep: Doing pretty good.  I'm getting around 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  Of course I would love to get alot more than that, but Baby-A kicks and wakes me up nearly every morning between 2-3am.
Best moment of the week: Finding the perfect fabric for Baby-A's nursery and being able to Facetime soon after shopping to show Hubby. 
Food cravings: Peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches.  I could eat them for every lunch and dinner!
Nausea - It's back again, but I'm doing pretty good at avoiding puking.  Mostly just feel sick to my stomach.  Stopped taking the anti-nausea medication because of the side effect of depression, which I certainly don't need. 
Hunger - It comes and goes, depending on the nausea.       
Heartburn - Not so bad.
Nosebleeds - Almost none.  Yeah!
Chest Pain - In full force.  I just keep reminding myself that this is all temporary. 
Braxton Hicks - All the time.  I'm almost use to them by now.
Clothes: Finally broke down and bought a maternity swimsuit.  I was soooo scared to try them on, but the one I bought actually looks amazing!  And it was a HUGE ego booster when I fit into a size small, considering the weight gain and the fact that I feel like a whale.
Exercise: Trying to walk as much as I can.  Feet and hands swell up big time after each walk, but I still try because I know it will make labor alot easier if I stay active.
Movement: Baby-A kicks and moves around all the time.  When I'm tired of my insides acting as her punching bag and I need a break, I pull up old voice messages from Hubby that I have saved on my phone and play them next to my belly, and INSTANTLY she is still.  Baby-A is definately going to be "daddy's little girl." 

05 July 2012

Day 21

Went shopping for 4th of July decorations, now that the holiday is over and everything goes on sale!  Found a few things like streamers and other decorations for my grandpa's birthday coming up.
Of course I couldn't help but wander over to the fabric section, and it was a good thing that I did...found the PERFECT fabric for Baby-A's ocean nursery.  I'm going to return the sheets from our last shopping escapade back since the blue and the strips don't go with this fabric.  I don't have anything for my bed now, but it's okay.  Isn't this cute?!

Watched "Tower Heist" again with Mom.   Such a great movie.  It doesn't hurt that I love Alan Alda. 

Made homemade no bake cheesecake with homemade blueberry sauce.  Of course we couldn't wait till I set properly to eat a slice, but it was so good!  Mom had some Mexican vanilla that we used in both the cheesecake and the sauce, and what a difference that made.  I'm completely hooked on Mexican vanilla now and will have to find a way to buy some for myself. 

Day 20

The porcelain godess has claimed me once again in this pregnancy.  I've been taking anti-nausea off and on since the beginning, but my new OB here was concerned because he said it causes depression. So I stopped taking the med and now I'm back to paying homage to the porcelain.

Here I thought all the sadness and emotional mood swings that I've been dealing with were just a normal part of being pregnant.  Why didn't the Army docs tell me about this side effect of the medication they gave me?!?! 

This morning I went with Mom and brother to the O'Fallon 4th of July parade.  It was so hot outside that my shirt was soaked with sweat!  But the parade was pretty cool.  My grandpa was suppose to be in the parade, with the float of the Korean War Veterans, but he was unable to make it.  We cheered loudly for the "boys" when they passed. 

Got to Facetime with hubby this afternoon.  I LOVE talking with hubby.  He is my better half, best friend, and love of my life.

Spent the rest of the day taking a nap, watching TV, and relaxing in the AC.  I'm in love with two things right now (being 8 months prego in the middle of the summer)...the pool, and air conditioning.

Happy 4th everyone!

03 July 2012

Day 17

Did alot of running around today.  Everyone here has been so generous sharing their things and letting me borrow everything from a bed to even closet hangers...but I still needed to go out and buy some stuff. 

Found 2 sets of full-size sheets that I'm going to make into queen sheets for me, and basinet and crib sheets for Baby-A.  Mom found them and I'm so excited!  I hope Hubby likes the colors.  From the very start, he has been doing most of Baby-A's room, including decorating it.  The only thing I wanted to do was the crib linens, mostly because I figured I'd probably have to sew them since no one sold anything I liked.

Toaster trays for pizza pans.
Made homemade pizza with two toaster trays.  Was at my sister's house, and no offense to my sis, but she has no baking utensils or things like baking sheets.  I don't know how she cooks all the amazing food she does without the basic cooking things. 

Hung up all of Baby-A's clothes today and she already takes up half the closet.  This girl has more clothes than me!

29 June 2012

Day 14

2 weeks.  Hubby and I have officially made it 2 whole weeks being miles apart from each other.  Mind you, I would never wish this long "apartness" on anyone, but I keep reminding myself that it's for one very good and worthwhile reason, Baby-A. 

Today my mom and father-in-law went and test drove an SUV with me.  Hubby called multiple times to ensure we were negotiating a good deal and getting a dependable and safe vehicle for me and Baby-A.  I'm such a lucky girl to have such an amazing husband and family helping me with this car thing! 

Now that I'm so close to 31 weeks, it's nice having a single-digit countdown to the arrival of Baby-A.  The weekly updates that automatically come to my phone said that I should expect to feel less movement from Baby-A from this point forward.  I laughed when I read that and thought, "Yeah right...that won't be the case with our baby." 

Mom thinks I feel the kicks and pokes to the degree that I do because I'm so "tight."  Laugh if you want, but it was the best compliment I've heard all week!  All I see of myself are fat arms, fat hands, fat legs, fat feet, fat face, etc....but Mom think's I look tight?!?!  Oh yeah!  Of course she means my belly is tight...but I'll take it. 

28 June 2012

Hubby and Baby-A

I played Hubby and Baby-A's favorite song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Kaulana Kanekoa & Vince Esquire today while getting ready to go out car shopping.
This song was a favorite of hubby's and I enjoy it playing it as well.  One afternoon in Italy while I was loudly playing this song on my iphone, Baby-A started dancing in my belly. 

Now everytime this song is played aloud, Baby-A dances along in my belly.  I say "dances" because she isn't kicking or punching me hard like she usually does.  It's just little movements she makes to the beat of the music, and when the song is over...she continues with her normal painful jabs, pokes and kicks.

I can't wait for the recorded storybook by Hubby to come in the mail.  I'm going to prop it up next to my belly so Baby-A can hear her daddy's voice and hopefully this will calm her down like his voice always did back in Italy. 

Our baby girl LOVES her daddy. 

26 June 2012

Day 12

The morning consisted of part-time job searching, trying to call and apply for an auto loan, doing laundry, and packing my stuff and cleaning up sister's place as they are coming home early.
Mom has been working hard on researching what the best strollers and bottles are, as well as good prices on diapers. 

Mid morning we took Buddy for a long walk, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool before heading back and throwing everything in the car to go to Mom's temporary home.   

I did so good all day, with only one VERY short Florida rains moment because I was stressing out trying to find a car and the car dealer on the phone was extreemly rude.

And then I did one very stupid thing...and my calm and collected self fell apart.  I was climbing into bed and getting comfortable under the covers, when for some unknown and irrational reason, I started to roll over to hubby's usual side of the bed like I always did back in Italy to give him a kiss goodnight.  It wasn't like I thought he was there with me.  But whatever the case, I lost it and stuffed my face in my pillow and let the tears flow.

Of course I soon came to the realization that if I really was in Italy with hubby, it would have been 4am in the morning and if I was awake at such an ungodly hour, it probably would be because hubby farted and stunk up the room.  I started thinking about all the times I would wake up and have to spray fabreeze because of my oh-so-endearing husband...and it made me laugh. 

And then I fell sleep.  =o)

Day 11

Breakfast of champions
Nachos for dinner with Cardinals chips
Doing my nails with pink sparkles
Day 11 back in the states.  I miss Hubby so much that at times it feels like it was forever and not just 11 days ago when I was standing there at the airport, with my face in hubby's chest crying my eyeballs out.

So far hubby and I have been able to talk on the phone or facetime daily, which really helps...and family has been doing AMAZING keeping me busy and letting me have my "Florida rains" when needed.

Today I had an appointment with my new PCP (primary care provider) to get a referal for my new OB.  Turns out my new PCP worked in Landstuhl way back when.  Landstuhl is about 16 hours away from Vicenza, but it's where any complicated medical cases go for care.  Any who, appointment went great, and I found out that my PCP can also be Baby-A's "pediatrician!"  One more thing to check off the to-do list!

Afterwards, Mom and I went shopping for a gold chain so I can wear my wedding rings around my neck.  My hands were getting too swollen to keep wearing them during this last trimester.  It was heartbreaking to have to remove them but I'm rocking a nice ring tan line.

Tonight we are going to watch re-runs of Royal Pains.  All of the crazy Hampton peeps crack me up! 

25 June 2012

Little bit of this and that

Buddy enjoying the ride
Was in Florida last week for my sister's wedding.  It was the perfect vacation and beach wedding.  I missed my hubby who wasn't able to come, but it was still an awesome time. 

Now Mom and I are dog sitting my sister's dog Buddy.  When we took him for a walk this morning, I thought both Mom and Buddy were going to kick my butt on the hills, but near the end of the walk, all three of us were pretty tired and sweaty.  It was a good workout!

This afternoon, I was able to talk Mom into going to the pool with me.  Baby-A and I LOVE water.  The only time I can relax without Baby-A kicking the crap out of me is when my whale of a belly is completely submerged in water.

(Hubby - you'll get a chuckle out of this.) Background for all you non-military folks, when shopping on a base/post, you have to show your ID before the cashier will begin ringing out your items.  Yesterday, while shopping for groceries here in the states and NOT on a military base or post, I pulled out my ID and started to show it to the cashier before realizing that it wasn't needed.  Apparently, reaching for my ID has become a habit, since the only place we shopped in Italy was on base...unless you include our favorite winery!