26 June 2012

Day 12

The morning consisted of part-time job searching, trying to call and apply for an auto loan, doing laundry, and packing my stuff and cleaning up sister's place as they are coming home early.
Mom has been working hard on researching what the best strollers and bottles are, as well as good prices on diapers. 

Mid morning we took Buddy for a long walk, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool before heading back and throwing everything in the car to go to Mom's temporary home.   

I did so good all day, with only one VERY short Florida rains moment because I was stressing out trying to find a car and the car dealer on the phone was extreemly rude.

And then I did one very stupid thing...and my calm and collected self fell apart.  I was climbing into bed and getting comfortable under the covers, when for some unknown and irrational reason, I started to roll over to hubby's usual side of the bed like I always did back in Italy to give him a kiss goodnight.  It wasn't like I thought he was there with me.  But whatever the case, I lost it and stuffed my face in my pillow and let the tears flow.

Of course I soon came to the realization that if I really was in Italy with hubby, it would have been 4am in the morning and if I was awake at such an ungodly hour, it probably would be because hubby farted and stunk up the room.  I started thinking about all the times I would wake up and have to spray fabreeze because of my oh-so-endearing husband...and it made me laugh. 

And then I fell sleep.  =o)

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