29 June 2012

Day 14

2 weeks.  Hubby and I have officially made it 2 whole weeks being miles apart from each other.  Mind you, I would never wish this long "apartness" on anyone, but I keep reminding myself that it's for one very good and worthwhile reason, Baby-A. 

Today my mom and father-in-law went and test drove an SUV with me.  Hubby called multiple times to ensure we were negotiating a good deal and getting a dependable and safe vehicle for me and Baby-A.  I'm such a lucky girl to have such an amazing husband and family helping me with this car thing! 

Now that I'm so close to 31 weeks, it's nice having a single-digit countdown to the arrival of Baby-A.  The weekly updates that automatically come to my phone said that I should expect to feel less movement from Baby-A from this point forward.  I laughed when I read that and thought, "Yeah right...that won't be the case with our baby." 

Mom thinks I feel the kicks and pokes to the degree that I do because I'm so "tight."  Laugh if you want, but it was the best compliment I've heard all week!  All I see of myself are fat arms, fat hands, fat legs, fat feet, fat face, etc....but Mom think's I look tight?!?!  Oh yeah!  Of course she means my belly is tight...but I'll take it. 

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