07 June 2012


Today was my splurge day.  It started off with a rough night (sleeping off and on), so I stayed in bed after hubby left for work and continued to drift in and out of sleep for the next two hours.  I would like to say that it felt WONDERFUL, but since I felt so crappy...it just felt good knowing I could stay in bed without feeling guilty about work, kids, or anything else.

After playing on my phone (reading emails and blogs), I finally decided to get up and do something productive around noon.  Yep...noon!

I cleaned off the couch, took out some frozen spaghetti sauce to start thawing for an easy dinner tonight, threw in a load of laundry, and picked up hubby's trail of dirty laundry.

Then it was back to more splurge time...playing on the computer while sitting on my pink exercise ball and drinking hot chocolate with a little coffee.  Since it was technically lunch time, the already made buffalo chicken dip with chips was so tasty with my 2nd cup of hot chocolate/coffee.  The perfect recipe for major heartburn...but I didn't care.

Speaking of heartburn, I can now add chest pain to my list of prego fun.  Midwife says it's the muscles acting up and to apply heat when needed.  But we failed to take into account the lack of "rib/chest accessibility" and being able to apply heat to the hurting area.  We are all adults here so don't freak out and say this is TMI....I can't get to front of my ribs because of two ginormous prego boobs in the way!  So I get to enjoy even more excruciating pain until Baby-A is born.

Baby-A had better be an angel/genius with all the trouble she has been giving me.  I'm just saying.

But on to another subject, I found another cool blog after trying to figure out what my mom meant by her reference to June Cleaver yesterday.  Anyway, blog is June Cleaver in yoga pants...how awesome is the title?!  The blogger is the cutest little mom (wears dreads, but not the hippy type) with three little kiddies and a cool hubby/dad.  My favorite thing about this blog is that she - Sara - communicates as a REAL HUMAN with REAL HUMAN THOUGHTS.  No super mom crap with perfection oozing from her core.

One of Sara's older posts dedicated to two of her friends that were about-to-be mama's was especially helpful.  To all you new and veteran mom's out there...you'll like it too.

Laundry is done washing so I'm gonna quick yaking for today and go switch loads.  Laters peepers.

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