31 May 2012

26 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 26 weeks and 5 days

How big is Baby-A: Still about the size of a cauliflower and a little over 2 lbs.

Total weight gain: 145lbs.  That is +3 lbs over the past 4 weeks for a total prego weight gain of 8 lbs.  Since I started at pregnancy at 137 and dropped down to 119 from first trimester morning sickness...I'm really happy with the consistent progress now.

Sleep: Some nights are awesome and some nights really suck.

Best moment of the week: When we received a baby gift and one of my new maternity bras in the mail! Just last week I ordered the Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity (highly recommended by fellow blogger Elena) and I absolutely love it and ordered a few more. 

Food cravings: Peanut butter.

Nausea - Only after I eat a big meal. 

Hunger - Nothing to extreem.  Eating in little bits throughout the day helps.    

Heartburn - I have TUMS near me all the time.

Nosebleeds - Frequent, but usually resolve in about five minutes. 

Braxton Hicks - Happen a lot but no more than three an hour 

Exercise: I've taken a break from any real exercise routine.  I still do small weights for my arms once in a while...and LOTS and LOTS of kegels...but whenever any activity starts to aggravate the oh-so-wonderful PHN, I stop.  Still love and use the pink exercise ball from hubby to replace a regular chair whenever I can.  It helps me reduce back and hip pain! 

Movement: A lot of movement by Baby-A.  The other night I equated her movements to Winnie the Pooh, when his tummy would rumble for honey.  

Belly Button: The "turkey timer" has popped.

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