29 May 2012

Germany Vacation

Eagles Nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany
Hubby and I went back to Garmisch, Germany to celebrate our wedding anniversary a little early.  It was wonderful and we were able to pack in a ton of activities and a little R&R all four days.

We left for Garmisch right after work on Thursday evening and made it up to our hotel (Edelweiss Lodge Resort) just in time before one of the restaurants there on site closed.  Hubby had a steak and I had a salad and cheesecake.  They offer the original Cheesecake Factory cheesecake there!  I couldn't pass it up...sooooo delicious.

Friday morning we drove to Bavaria, Germany and visited the Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleep Beauty Castle.

Note to others: don't go there if you can't walk up and down four flights of stairs...and we advice you not to travel here in August.  There is no air conditioning in the castle and a lot of the other tourists didn't know what deodorant was. Whew! 

Despite the intense amount of stair climbing and stinky tourists, we had a great time touring the castle.  The outside is just amazing.  The inside was a little disappointing.  No one is allowed to take pictures of the interior, and they only let you tour the finished portions which constitutes one-third of the castle.  I really wished we could have seen the entire thing.

Friday evening we went on a scheduled tour by Edelweiss, and visited the Griesbrau Brewery in Murnau, Germany.  It was a different type of tour in comparison to another we've been on.  The "brewery" consisted of one large room and most of the tour was in the restaurant/bar itself with the brewmaster talking.  We were given about five different types of beer to taste...and the samples were about 11 oz. each!   We also had a test at the end of the tour and were given Barvarian Brewmaster certificates.

Saturday morning we went on our second scheduled tour by Edelweiss, and visited the Eagles Nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany.  There isn't much to do up there besides take pictures and enjoy standing on a little bit of history, unless you eat at the restaurant which we didn't.  But the fact that this site was a part of the TV miniseries, Band of Brothers, made it even more memorable to me because then I was able to associate the history better.

Late Saturday evening Edelweiss put on a firework show that was pretty cool.  We were able to sit on the porch outside our room and watch from there.

Sunday consisted of us lounging in/by the jacuzzi.  I had my first virgin margarita and it was AMAZING. The weather was a sunny 65 degrees and we got sunburnt.  Who'd ever think one could get a suntan in Germany in May!

Hubby has posted all our pictures from the weekend on FB...so if you want to see more, go take a look!

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