21 May 2012

When the Day is Gray

Woke up early thanks to Baby-A kicking my insides like crazy.  I am really looking forward to when this active little girl isn't in my belly anymore and my organs are MINE again!

Outside is cold, gray and rainy.  So I decided that this was the perfect day to do a little blogging and reading.  Prior to sitting my butt down in front of the computer with the awesome hot pink yoga ball that hubby bought me - as my chair...I cut up about 5 nectarines (ate 2) so I have something quick and easy to snack on later when I get the munchies, threw in a load of laundry that will take exactly 1 hr and 55 mins to complete (that is just for the wash portion), and poured myself a VERY large glass of ice cold water.

One of my recently favorite blogs is "The Art of Making a Baby."  This first time little momma is truly an inspiration to me on so many levels, but I will admit she does seem (to me) to go a bit overboard when it comes to preparation.  Maybe this blog will help me find a happy medium, seeing that I've done little to no preparation for Baby-A's coming.

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