07 May 2012

23 weeks - Prego Update

Mango - Baby's Approximate Size
Baby-A's development:
  • Can sense gravitational changes and my movements
  • 11 inches long and weighs a little over one pound
  • Blood vessels in her lungs are developing
  • All nerve cells are in place
  • Moving around ALOT
  • Common loud noises (horns, vaccums, etc.) are becoming familiar
How my life is changing:
  • Clumsy (or should I say clumsier!)
  • Crazy mood swings
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions
  • Heartburn
  • Acne breakouts (I look like a 15 y/o teenager)
  • Backpain
  • Increasingly WILD dreams
As "fun" as pregnancy is (just a hint of sarcasm there), I am getting more excited about Baby-A as each day passes.  While her 4+ hour midnight karate escapades are not pleasant, I do enjoy feeling her kick and move. 

Hubby is back home (YEAH!!!!) and his enthusiasm is really catchy.  I absolutely love how excited he is.  We've been working hard at getting this place more organized and uncluttered, and hubby even put together a bookcase and desk over the weekend. 

Made a friend's spicey spaghetti sauce over the weekend and I only put about one-eighth of the red pepper flakes that it called for...and thank goodness!  It was like fire!  Hubby struggled to get a few bites down.  I just mixed my plate with sourcream to cut the heat and ended up having second helpings.  Spicey foods are one of the things I never use to like, but I've been craving spicey during pregnancy.   

I'm pissing the doctor's off by stalling with their anatomy scan.  Since we already had the gender scan and also saw that everything anatomy-wise is perfect, we aren't worried about getting the "real" anatomy scan done right when the docs say.  Of course the docs don't know about the scan we already had, but this is what they get for their actions a month ago.  To all you momma's out there...don't worry.  We are still going to get it done.  I'm just enjoying a little "upper hand" at the moment.

Happy Monday!

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