18 November 2012


If you came to this post expecting a gushing out pour of all that I'm thankful for...you are in for a surprise!

I hate Thanksgiving and all of the stupid "Day #: I'm thankful for...." crap that everyone and their brother is doing. It's like they go through their list of family members and if that list is short, then they move on to their pets, their neighbors pets, and who knows what else after that.

If you want to be legit, be thankful all year long and SHOW your appreciation through small acts of kindness towards those you love.

And the Thanksgiving dinner?!?! Of course I like food...but why spend days preparing for one ahort meal of engorgement followed by hours of cleanup? Order in pizza and call it a day.

Call me the grinch of Thanksgiving. The only part I like out of all of it is the wine and box stuffing with gravy from a jar.

Enough said. I'm retreating back into my grinch mountain cave.

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