24 November 2012

Dear Daddy

I wore myself out from all the excitement Thanksgiving day that I slept 7 straight hours in my swing!
After sleeping that long, Mommy was sure that I was going to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the rest of the night/morning. But I drank half of my usual amount of milk, and fell asleep for another 3 hours.

Mommy and I joined Nana and Aunt M while they did some black Friday shopping. I promptly got tired of all the lights and noise, but feel asleep after crying for only a minute or two. Mommy was terrified that she was going to have a Thanksgiving day screaming episode on her hands once again, but I was cool as a cucumber after I had that short nap in her arms while shopping.

Following shopping, we went to visit Uncle C's family and I put on the charm.

I fell asleep when we went to Aunt M and Uncle C's house to help put up Christmas decorations. I slept in Uncle C's office the whole time Mommy, Nana and Aunt M were decorating. Mommy had a blast. She was soooo happy that I did so well while we were out. But then again, Aunt M and Nana know me and what I like.

I love you Daddy. It won't be to long before I can see you again!!! Hugs and milky kisses.

- your baby girl

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