27 November 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I "celebrated" my turning 3 months old today by going out and applying for my very own passport! Mommy says it was anything but a celebration for her, but I had a blast because at Mommy's 2nd attempt to submit my application, Nana came along. I got to eat milkies and then promptly filled my diaper with stinks while entertaining Mommy and Nana will my faces. Of course I got bored after that and Nana took me out to the car while Mommy finished up.

I'm not suppose to tell you, but I'm sleeping in my swing again tonight. Mommy says she'll put me jn my cosleeper tomorrow night.

So far I still weight 12 lbs, although I'm starting to grow out of the smaller 3 month clothes. It's mostly onesies with small footies. I don't like having my toes all scrunched up.

Love you Daddy. So excited to see you soon!

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