01 May 2012

1st Day of May

Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and want to crawl right back into bed?  Well...today was that day for me.  And I did crawl back into bed.  But when I finally decided my laziness was enough and got up a little later, I was not in the best mood.  Thankfully hubby wasn't here to get hit by my scow-ness.

So I got up and opened up all the shutters, and there was sunshine!  My silly phone said it was raining and cloudy.  The nice weather was a pleasant surprise on the first day of May.

After looking at pinterest to try and figure out what to eat, I finally resorted to a semi-healthy breakfast/lunch of instant oatmeal and orange juice.  I'm craving donuts BAD, but since Italy doesn't have donuts (that should sum up this country for you right there!) I resorted to pretending that I was eating a cinnamon roll by having cinnamon roll instant oatmeal.  It was good.  Flavored instant oatmeal has been a staple of mine lately.

Now I'm trying to talk myself into folding laundry.  It helps that nothing good is on TV (including Slingbox).  After laundry and maybe cleaning the bathrooms, I'm thinking a little nap on the porch in the sun sounds like the perfect idea.

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