30 April 2012

At Arms

Exercised again today.  Arms are always more fun cause I can do them while watching TV.  I am determined to have toned arms for my sister's wedding.  I can't really control the rest of my body as my belly keeps growing and there is always that fear of the dreaded swollen cankles, but I've never heard of anyone's arms blowing up to large proportions during pregnancy...so I'm doing all I can to have at least one part of my body looking good.  Arms it is!

One of the fun things about PHN pain is that the more movement and action there is on my part...the greater the pain both during and afterwards.  But it's a good gage to let me know that I worked out.  I don't even have to wait for the workout burn...I can always trust good ol' PHN to be there.

Started doing something productive with my afternoon by folding laundry, but I only got about one load done before the couch started calling my name.  Actually...my back and belly were calling for the couch.

I keep telling hubby that my belly feels like it could literally explode, with guts and baby flying everywhere.  Maybe I should carry around a net to catch everything if it does...

Tomorrow I'm going to make a go at the laundry again.  =o)

1 comment:

  1. try coconut oil as a body lotion. Will work wonders on that skin that needs to be stretching beyond all reason! And of course drinking a TON of water. Ok, a ton being equal to like a gallon a day.

    Hmmm...the couch...sounds like a good idea to me! I think I'll go visit mine...