29 April 2012

Lots of Everything

Wonder what happens in a "Day in the Life of Crazy Me?" 

Took hubby to "work" early this morning.  I miss him already. 

Planted a few onions for hubby in the planter boxes he brought up yesterday. 

Did some more organizing and cleaning in the baby's room.  I'm not taking any before pictures...it was that messy.  Made four trips to the car with all the junk that needed to be gotten rid of (my stuff mostly).

Went to base to drop off the junk at the thrift store.  Thrift store drop-off shed was closed and I got all flustered wondering what to do with a car of FULL of junk. 

Got pulled over by the (US-thank goodness) MP's when I failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  The guy was gracious enough to only give me a warning - no ticket.  Yeah!  Note to self: don't drive when flustered.  

Dumped all the junk off at a dumping station on base.  I hated throwing all the stuff away as a lot of it was still usable.  Oh well. 

Saw the latest movie "The Lucky One" staring Zac Efron and Taylor Shilling.  It was amazing!  I only got teary-eyed twice. 

Now I'm exhausted and a little nauseous from Baby-A kicking so much.  But I am grateful that she was pretty calm last night and let me get some sleep for once.  

What to do now?  Maybe eat some chocolate ice-cream and watch US cable tv.  I'm in LOVE with Slingbox! 

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