07 July 2012

32 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 32 weeks and 0 days
How big is Baby-A: Weighs about 4 pounds.
Total weight gain: 160 lbs. Total prego weight gain of 23 lbs at this point. 
Sleep: Doing pretty good.  I'm getting around 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  Of course I would love to get alot more than that, but Baby-A kicks and wakes me up nearly every morning between 2-3am.
Best moment of the week: Finding the perfect fabric for Baby-A's nursery and being able to Facetime soon after shopping to show Hubby. 
Food cravings: Peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches.  I could eat them for every lunch and dinner!
Nausea - It's back again, but I'm doing pretty good at avoiding puking.  Mostly just feel sick to my stomach.  Stopped taking the anti-nausea medication because of the side effect of depression, which I certainly don't need. 
Hunger - It comes and goes, depending on the nausea.       
Heartburn - Not so bad.
Nosebleeds - Almost none.  Yeah!
Chest Pain - In full force.  I just keep reminding myself that this is all temporary. 
Braxton Hicks - All the time.  I'm almost use to them by now.
Clothes: Finally broke down and bought a maternity swimsuit.  I was soooo scared to try them on, but the one I bought actually looks amazing!  And it was a HUGE ego booster when I fit into a size small, considering the weight gain and the fact that I feel like a whale.
Exercise: Trying to walk as much as I can.  Feet and hands swell up big time after each walk, but I still try because I know it will make labor alot easier if I stay active.
Movement: Baby-A kicks and moves around all the time.  When I'm tired of my insides acting as her punching bag and I need a break, I pull up old voice messages from Hubby that I have saved on my phone and play them next to my belly, and INSTANTLY she is still.  Baby-A is definately going to be "daddy's little girl." 

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