18 July 2012

Day 33

It's hard to get upset at people when they say something stupid, because they meant well and didn't really mean to open-mouth-insert-foot.  Today at the OB office, I was asked two separate times when Hubby was going to get in for the birth of Baby-A. 
To the nurse that asked, I replied, “Not until I go into labor.”
“You mean they can’t send him home before you go into labor? Why can’t they send him around your due date?”
“It’s the military.  This is the way things go.”
“That sucks.”
No way…really?  I haven’t spent hours (and nights in tears) thinking about how sucky all of this is.  But thanks for the heads up.  If I had known all this, I would probably still be in Italy right now.
Near the end of my appointment the doc asked me the same question…”So when is your husband coming in.” 
“Remember?  We are going to have to send a Red Cross message so he can come.” 
“That’s the only way?”
“Pretty much.  The brigade is deployed and they aren’t letting anyone leave unless it’s an emergency or birth, and not until the Red Cross message comes through.”
“That’s such a bummer.” 
Again…thanks for the reminder. 

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