08 July 2012

Day 23

Went for a walk, and Buddy was ready to go inside before we were!

Bought a few things for Baby-A.


Had rice for dinner.  Since "morning" sickness is back, I'm sticking to plain foods until I can figure out what works and what doesn't.  Thankfully I love rice and buttered bread.

What you aren't seeing in pictures (good thing too) is me breaking down early this morning and having a "Florida rains" moment after.... I tried to make toast and the toaster wasn't working, tried to get on the internet and email Hubby some car info he needed and the internet wasn't working, went to watch a favorite show of mine and that show isn't part of the cable package here, started to research baby bottles when the internet came back up again and got internet information overload as well as the internet crashing on me every few minutes, went to get in the shower and two spiders started crawling up my arm...

Hubby called and tried to console me by advising me not to stress the small stuff.  I shared with Mom just how awesome he is even though not stressing the small stuff is alot easier said then done.  Mom commented on how Hubby is just trying to do everything he can even though he is miles away and can't give me a hug or anything else...and that brought another Florida rains moment.  I do miss him soooo much.

So Mom gave me a hug, I helped her finish altering a shirt that she was struggling with, and both of our worlds were put to right for the time being. 

Now I'm going to waste the rest of the evening away by watching scandalous reality tv shows until I get tired and go to bed. 

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