05 July 2012

Day 20

The porcelain godess has claimed me once again in this pregnancy.  I've been taking anti-nausea off and on since the beginning, but my new OB here was concerned because he said it causes depression. So I stopped taking the med and now I'm back to paying homage to the porcelain.

Here I thought all the sadness and emotional mood swings that I've been dealing with were just a normal part of being pregnant.  Why didn't the Army docs tell me about this side effect of the medication they gave me?!?! 

This morning I went with Mom and brother to the O'Fallon 4th of July parade.  It was so hot outside that my shirt was soaked with sweat!  But the parade was pretty cool.  My grandpa was suppose to be in the parade, with the float of the Korean War Veterans, but he was unable to make it.  We cheered loudly for the "boys" when they passed. 

Got to Facetime with hubby this afternoon.  I LOVE talking with hubby.  He is my better half, best friend, and love of my life.

Spent the rest of the day taking a nap, watching TV, and relaxing in the AC.  I'm in love with two things right now (being 8 months prego in the middle of the summer)...the pool, and air conditioning.

Happy 4th everyone!

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