03 July 2012

Day 17

Did alot of running around today.  Everyone here has been so generous sharing their things and letting me borrow everything from a bed to even closet hangers...but I still needed to go out and buy some stuff. 

Found 2 sets of full-size sheets that I'm going to make into queen sheets for me, and basinet and crib sheets for Baby-A.  Mom found them and I'm so excited!  I hope Hubby likes the colors.  From the very start, he has been doing most of Baby-A's room, including decorating it.  The only thing I wanted to do was the crib linens, mostly because I figured I'd probably have to sew them since no one sold anything I liked.

Toaster trays for pizza pans.
Made homemade pizza with two toaster trays.  Was at my sister's house, and no offense to my sis, but she has no baking utensils or things like baking sheets.  I don't know how she cooks all the amazing food she does without the basic cooking things. 

Hung up all of Baby-A's clothes today and she already takes up half the closet.  This girl has more clothes than me!

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