23 July 2012

34 Weeks - Prego Update


How far along: 34 weeks and 1 day.

How big is Baby-A: Cantalope...yikes!  4 3/4 lbs and 18 inches long.

Total weight gain: Not sure.  Forgot to step on the scale this morning and I'm not about to do it now after drinking tons of water and eating spaghetti for dinner.  

Sleep: Was doing better, but I just got yelled at for turning the AC down so sleep is probably going to go out the way-side now. People forget I'm a human incubator.  I already sleep with the ceiling fan on and two small fans blowing directly on me.  Guess I'm going to have to go out and buy bigger fans.

Best moment of the week:  Saturday at my sister's pool with Mom, sis, niece, nephew and both brothers! 

Food cravings: Chocolate anything.


Nausea - Not bad. 

Hunger - Normal.

Heartburn - Not much at all (fingers crossed that it stayes this way).

Swollen feet - I have to keep them up most of the time or else they look like fat bear paws.  It's so weird.  The fluid and swelling is only on the top of my feet and "jiggles" when I walk. 

Contractions (Braxton Hicks) - Only the REALLY strong ones catch my attention.  Otherwise I'm almost use to them.  The other night after some crazy driver nearly crashed into the side of me and gave me a good scare...contractions started hitting me every few minutes and I thought I'd have to drive straight to hospital to deliver!  But then the contractions died down and finally stopped after an hour.  Whew. 
Clothes: Everything is uncomfortable.

Exercise: Swimming at the pool or riding the stationary bike.

Movement: The intensity of Baby-A's kicks have died down.  And since some of my skirts don't fit anymore and I can breath alot easier, I'm guessing she has moved down and out of my ribs.

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