17 July 2012

Day 32

Today I kept myself pretty busy.  Sorted out baby clothes, washed two loads of baby clothes, rode one mile on the stationary bike, hung up the newborn and 0-3 month sizes, made strawberry poptarts from scratch, made brownies (from a box), cleaned the bathroom toilet and (half) the floor, did two dishwasher loads of dishes, showered, and between all that I watched TV and tried to elevate my fat feet.

I'm just crossing my fingers that the dry heaving earlier (sexy right?!) isn't a prediction of how tonight is going to go.  At least the bathroom is ready for me just in case.  I've had two very good days with no puking...yeah!!!

Last night I lost precious sleep worrying about the Red Cross not accepting and sending the doc's message to Hubby before Baby-A is actually born.  Having the baby without Hubby by my side will be bad enough.  I don't want to be discharged from the hospital before Hubby even makes it here!

Been watching my feet swell up to scary proportions.  There are times that I can literally feel my flip flops getting tighter by the minute.  No matter how much water I drink or how long I keep my feet up, they still look three sizes too big. 

On a good note, I've found that sitting on the exercise ball that my mom is letting me borrow really helps with the sciatic nerve pain.  I struggle trying to walk normal, but at least when sitting on the ball, I get a break from the pain.  You take what you can get...right?!

Baby-A is moving like there is no tomorrow while I'm typing.  Time to get out Hubby's recorded story book and get this baby girl to calm down. 


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