11 June 2012

28 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 28 weeks and 2 days (Third trimester!!!!!!!!)

How big is Baby-A: Weighs about 2 and 1/4 pounds.

Total weight gain: 150 lbs.  Total prego weight gain of 13 lbs at this point.  

Sleep: I've resorted to benadryl when needed to get some sleep.  

Best moment of the week: Hubby was looking at pictures from our vacation in Hawaii from three years ago, and he pointed out that I was currently wearing the same shorts from the picture.  How I love my hubby!!!  He sure knows how to lift the spirit of his bloated/fat feeling prego wife.  

Food cravings: ANYTHING chocolate.

Nausea - Pretty much gone this week.  Yeah!

Hunger - Hungry all the time.  I eat more than hubby!  It's kind of scary.      

Heartburn - Whew...it's getting rough.

Nosebleeds - Calming down...but it's been really humid here with the rain so that might be helping.

Chest Pain - The midwife said it's just muscular but boy does it hurt.  Laying flat on my back helps to relieve the pain, but since that is discouraged in the 3rd trimester, I shove a little pillow under one side so I'm not interfering with the flow of blood and nutrients to Baby-A.

Braxton Hicks - Mostly when I'm moving around or doing something like dishes.  Once I hit full term at 37 weeks, I'm thinking about going around to everyone's house to do dishes just to kickstart my labor.

Clothes: most of my normal clothes don't fit and a few of my prego clothes got stained with ink when I washed Hubby's uniforms and didn't see the pen in one of the pockets.  Boo. 

Exercise: Walking mostly and doing a few "active" things like organizing the apartment and cleaning.

Movement: I'm starting to come to the conclusion that Baby-A kicks and moves just to get attention from her daddy.  Once Hubby puts his hand on my belly, she calms down.  It's the funniest thing. 

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