28 June 2012

Hubby and Baby-A

I played Hubby and Baby-A's favorite song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Kaulana Kanekoa & Vince Esquire today while getting ready to go out car shopping.
This song was a favorite of hubby's and I enjoy it playing it as well.  One afternoon in Italy while I was loudly playing this song on my iphone, Baby-A started dancing in my belly. 

Now everytime this song is played aloud, Baby-A dances along in my belly.  I say "dances" because she isn't kicking or punching me hard like she usually does.  It's just little movements she makes to the beat of the music, and when the song is over...she continues with her normal painful jabs, pokes and kicks.

I can't wait for the recorded storybook by Hubby to come in the mail.  I'm going to prop it up next to my belly so Baby-A can hear her daddy's voice and hopefully this will calm her down like his voice always did back in Italy. 

Our baby girl LOVES her daddy. 

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