25 June 2012

Little bit of this and that

Buddy enjoying the ride
Was in Florida last week for my sister's wedding.  It was the perfect vacation and beach wedding.  I missed my hubby who wasn't able to come, but it was still an awesome time. 

Now Mom and I are dog sitting my sister's dog Buddy.  When we took him for a walk this morning, I thought both Mom and Buddy were going to kick my butt on the hills, but near the end of the walk, all three of us were pretty tired and sweaty.  It was a good workout!

This afternoon, I was able to talk Mom into going to the pool with me.  Baby-A and I LOVE water.  The only time I can relax without Baby-A kicking the crap out of me is when my whale of a belly is completely submerged in water.

(Hubby - you'll get a chuckle out of this.) Background for all you non-military folks, when shopping on a base/post, you have to show your ID before the cashier will begin ringing out your items.  Yesterday, while shopping for groceries here in the states and NOT on a military base or post, I pulled out my ID and started to show it to the cashier before realizing that it wasn't needed.  Apparently, reaching for my ID has become a habit, since the only place we shopped in Italy was on base...unless you include our favorite winery!

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