12 June 2012


We all know the silly little labels on the back of our shampoo and soap bottles that give instructions on how to get clean.  Well...if my day was a shampoo bottle, it would read something like this: pack a few things...cry...blow my nose...wash my face...repeat.

To put it in as few words as possible, I'm a basket case.  And when I couldn't get my tears to stop falling after a few minutes, I decided to get online and read a few of my favorite blogs.  They always have a tendency of cheering me up.

One of the posts were about baking, and candles.  I started thinking about how much I look forward to shopping and baking once back in the states.  Hubby doesn't like sweet things and since that seems to be all that I crave lately, it will be soooo nice to be able to cook and back and have others around to help me eat the goodies!

I'm also looking forward to buying a few nice candle holders.  The PX has nothing here and I'm stuck using shot glasses and dishes to light my candles in.

Maybe with these positive two thoughts in my head, I can get through the next half hour!

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