14 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I were very busy today! Aunt M. came over to Nana's to spend time with me and we hung out together. We went for a walk, made spicey spaghetti sauce, I got a bath, watched Hallmark movies, spent time with Uncle D. when he came over after drill, played with Nana, and watched Mommy sew my dress.

Mommy was sad this afternoon. All she could think about was Baby K.'s memorial service. Although we couldn't be there, it was still hard for Mommy as she thought about what our friends are going through as they miss their baby.

I was especially good this afternoon so as to help cheer Mommy up. It made our day being able to Skype with you! I love hearing your voice, Daddy.

Hugs and kisses.

- your baby girl

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