06 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Nana came over today and watched me so Mommy could have a break. I slept, ate, and did all of the normal baby things. Mommy cleaned out the car, did laundry, organized the clothes, cooked, and watched TV. We also picked out a very cool Christmas onsie that you will love! I just know you will.

I liked Face Timing with you today, Daddy! Sorry you were frustrated about the Cardinals score. But don't worry, once I'm big enough to fit into all my cool Cardinal clothes...I will wear them during all the games and bring the Cards some good luck.

Mommy was planning on renting the Snow White and the Huntsman movie tonight, but we watched M*A*S*H instead. Maybe we'll rent the movie and watch it tomorrow.

Love you Daddy!

- your baby girl

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