02 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy went to the doctor today because she wasn't feeling good. I was a perfect little angel while we were there and everyone said I'm so cute!

Later Nana and Great Granny came over to play with me and we went for a walk. I was a bit cranky at first, but then I fell asleep.

I spent most of the afternoon sleeping in Nana's arms while Mommy took a nap.

My tummy is feeling a lot better and I've been eating more so I can grow bigger. I have almost outgrown my going-home-from-the-hospital-"daddy"-onsie. But don't worry, I have a new one to grow into!

Mommy hopes that I sleep longer tonight because she is very tired. I don't know why... :0)

Love you Daddy!

-your baby girl

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