13 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I had a rough night last night. We slept for 1 hr...until this morning at 9:30am and then we finally got a little more sleep, although it made Mommy late to girl's lunch with Aunt M.E., Aunt J. and cousin K..

We had lots of fun at lunch. I was high maintenance and enjoyed being held and fussed over. At one point when nobody could get me to stop crying, Mommy played your story book recording. I calmed down for a few minutes and it made the aunts and cousin K. teary-eyed. They said it was really sweet.

Now Mommy and I are with Nana and I get to sleep in my very own room tonight! Mommy is a little nervous, but it's okay. Mommy bought me a "Womb bear" that supposedly really calms babies down. We shall see if I like it. We'll let you know!

Uncle J. and cousin K. came over around dinner time so Mommy could learn ways to massage my back and stuff and help me with the horrid colic.

We miss you Daddy! Be safe traveling. Can't wait to FaceTime or talk with you soon. Love you!

- your baby girl

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