18 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy and I have decided to scrap the whole "crying it out" idea. She said my supreme vocal chords were about to make her jump ship, and since she can't do that because she has to take care of me...then we are just going to stick to doing things in whatever way keeps me happy and Mommy sane. At least until we get to Italy and then you, Daddy dear, get to deal with me. :0)

Today Nan came over and took care of me so Mommy could have a break. And for lunch, the three of us went to a park with Aunt M.. I loved watching the waves at the lake.

I've enjoyed playing on my Baby Einstein play mat. And today while riding in the car, I figured out how to press the buttons that make noise on one of my toys.

Gotta go! It's time for a diaper change.

Love you!

- your baby girl

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