04 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Today I fell asleep on my very own, after crying for only five minutes. Mommy was so surprised that she kept coming in to check on me. And this evening, I didn't cry at all after Mommy laid me down to sleep.

Mommy took me to get my passport photo at Walgreens this afternoon and everyone was oogling over me. Of course I had to be nice and smile and coo back, which brought me even more attention. Mommy thought it was funny.

Later on we watched Pretty Woman together while I guzzled down a whole four ounces of milk. There was no snacking on one to two ounces this time. I was hungry!

While Mommy was giving me a bath this evening, I farted in the water and it made lots of bubbles and scared me. Mommy laughed but I didn't think it was funny. She says I take after you.

Time to go to sleep (for a little while). Love you and miss you Daddy.

- your baby girl

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