07 October 2012

Dear Daddy

I had a case of "Mr. Hyde" this morning and it made Mommy so frustrated that she started throwing burp cloths at the wall.  When I finally did go to sleep...three hours later, Mommy was so wired from having lost her wits trying to put me to sleep that she decided it was time to go shopping.  Mommy called it emotional therapy. 

I was the perfect little angel until we were in the store where I got attention from everyone by screaming.  So mommy and I went and hung out in the car for a while.  Mommy listened to music while I drank milkies.

Nana met up with us and she carried me around while Mommy shopped for holiday clothes for me.  We didn't find anything, but it was still fun. 

Then we went back to Aunt and Uncle's house and Mommy worked on one of my dresses she is sewing for me while Nana and I played together.  They tried to get me to nap, but I would have none of that nonsense.

This evening while Mommy was feeding me, she watched Snow White and the Huntsman.  But the movie was so boring that she decided that making silly faces at me so I would smile was alot more entertaining.

Guess what...I'm holding my head up on my own now! 

When you told Mommy that you won't being going to be sent off to play in the sand box anytime soon, Mommy cried.  She said they were happy tears...whatever those are.  Of course I am excited too because this means we get to come back to you!  Besides, you wouldn't want to be away from me for that long anyways because I am pretty awesome.  Just saying.

Love you Daddy!

- your baby girl

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