10 October 2012

Dear Daddy

Mommy had her postpartum follow-up doctor's appointment today while Nana watched me.  Mommy was so tired that she fell asleep in the exam room and the doctor got a kick out of it...sympathetically that is. But it was a good appointment overall and Mommy got cleared to go back to everything, including exercising.  Mommy is so excited!  She says this will be good and give her endorphines which will makes things alot less stressful.

Daddy, thank you for being so nice to Mommy and encouraging her.  I give Mommy a very difficult time with all my crying, although I don't purposely mean too.  But I just wanted to say that you are the best daddy in the world! 

Today I smiled at Nana while she was talking to and feeding me.  I made her cry happy tears.  What's with all these happy tears?  When I cry they certainly aren't happy tears.

We stopped by to say hello to my Aunt M. this afternoon, although I was in a cranky mood and it made Aunt M. a little sad.  Mommy tried to tell her that it's just me and my fussiness, and not Aunt M.  I really do love Aunt M.!

Mommy is going to go shopping for my halloween outfit soon.  What would you like me to be for halloween?  Something cute...or something funny?  You get to choose Daddy.

Love you!

- your baby girl

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