08 August 2012

36 Weeks - Prego Update

How far along: 36 weeks and 4 days.

How big is Baby-A: 6 lbs and 20 inches long (according to all the baby websites).

Total weight gain: At 163 lbs for a total weight gain of 26 lbs so far. 

Sleep: Not so much.  False labor has been stealing my precious zzzz's!

Best moment of the week: Probably today with the quick OB appointment.

Food cravings: Chocolate and cream of wheat...not together of course.

Symptoms: "Practice" aka false labor, exhaustion, heartburn, nausea, some very slight swelling of my feet, back aches, vision changes, breathlessness, overall LARGE feeling, waddling, increased pelvic pressure,and itchy belly.

Exercise: Been trying to get on the stationary bike for an hour each day to build of my endurance for labor, and usually cover 15 miles going at a very comfortable pace.

Movement: If Baby-A was a NORMAL baby, her movements would have decreased by now.  But since she has part of my genes in her...and we all know how un-normal I am, Baby-A's movements have only increased and gotten stronger.  I keep telling her that she can't claw her way out through my belly button.  It's just not the way out! 

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